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Climate History of Northern Antarctica Revealed by Fossilized Pollen

By looking at fossilised pollen found below a hundred feet of dense rock off the coast of Northern Antarctica, researchers have been able to reconstruct a climate record for the southern continent, and determine that the last remnant of Antarctic vegetation existed on the continents northern peninsula some 12 million years ago in a tundra landscape similar to that of northern Canada.

Antarctic Creatures Not Adapting to Warming Waters

On the return of the Polarstern vessel of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) for Polar and Marine Research in the German-based Helmholtz Association, scientists reported that organisms found in the Atlantic region of the Southern Ocean were not adapting quickly to changes in the environment.

Super Aggregation of Whales and Krill in Antarctic Bays

A Duke University led team of researchers has observed a β€œsuper-aggregation” of humpback whales feasting on the largest swarm of Antarctic krill seen in more than 20 years, in Wilhelmina Bay, along the Western Antarctic Peninsula.

Climate Change Aiding One Antarctic Flowering Plant

Stereotype would have us convinced that Antarctica is a white mass of snow 365 days a year. But summer on the Antarctic Peninsula allows a little bit of green to sprout and add beautiful contrast to what we thought we knew of the region.

And climate change is aiding this progress, for one plant in particular.

Icebergs Are Helping in Previously Unknown Ways

Icebergs have always been majestic objects, and just a little ill-defined, but new research is shedding more and more light on them. In a new discovery that has global implications scientists have discovered that icebergs drifting out to sea leave in their wake an increased level of chlorophyll which in turns increases carbon dioxide absorption.