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Chipmunk in Slow Motion

  Too cute not to share. I love chipmunks. But a chipmunk in slow motion?! Too cute. http://youtu.be/807xxr4yA5w

Baby Wolf Lookalike Howling (VIDEO)

  Wow, this is too cute! Check out this baby wolf look-alike (a Pomeranian pup) adorably listening to howling wolves on the computer and then joining in the howling! πŸ˜€

30 Cute, Awe-Inspiring, Interesting, & Disturbing Animal Videos & Stories

We’ve several cute and awe-inspiring animal videos for you this week, as always, but we’ve also got a handful of interesting and disturbing videos about animal cruelty and endangered species that I think everyone should watch. Check these videos out and the stories underneath them all.