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Worst Idea Ever?

  Friends, What if someone told you we should abandon all hope for global climate action until 2020? Well, that’s exactly the proposal that the United States is pushing at the … [Read full article]

350.org Updates

350.org has been adding dozens and dozens of posts, videos, pictures, etc. It’s worth a long scroll. But highlighting a few posts that stood out to me, here’s a video from the Philippines:

U.S. Chamber of Secrets Launched

350.org is continuing on its campaign to expose the U.S. Chamber of Secret’s dirty, U.S.-unfriendly practices with a new campaign, website and all: The U.S. Chamber of Secrets. Yes, that would be a spoof on Harry Potter. And, yes, 350.org is comparing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to Lord Voldemort.

Moving Planet & 350 Dominicana

This year, as 350Dominicana began to plan a big bicycle mobilization for Moving Planet, they realized something — there isn’t a single bike lane in their capitol, Santo Domingo. The lack of sustainable transportation options isn’t just a challenge for cyclists, it’s also a major source of pollution. The Dominican Republic has doubled its CO2 emissions in the last 7 years and cars are the second biggest contributor.

Let's Ride Together

This is an email I received from Bill McKibben of 350.org this week. Thought it was worth a full share, so here it is.