Pickle Panda Finds Love in the Time of Robot Bees

The story of what’s happening to the world’s bee populations is one that will seriously impact every living person on Earth. Sometimes, though, the best way to tell one story is with another story, and that’s one of the things this book, Pickle Panda Finds Love in the Time of Robot Bees, happens to be about. Here’s a quick synopsis:

    Pickle Panda is one of the first of his kind: an intelligent animal capable of thinking, feeling, and communicating like the humans who raised him. Feeling like an alien in his own family, Pickle finds unexpected friends in Ramses, an ape that manages to pass as a human, and Meghan Watson, a studious mathematician working on tiny robot bees that could replace the world’s dwindling bee population. The only problem is that the bees aren’t just dying – they’re evolving! Like Pickle, the bees have developed an almost human intelligence, and they’re convinced that the humans’ excessive use of pesticides mean war.

    Pickle’s starts off like any other “first day of new school” YA novel, but quickly becomes something else entirely as the story progresses, introducing timely environmental themes and forcing Pickle to face off against a host of villainous obstacles ranging from violent religious extremism to incompetent airline ticket agents and overpriced candy bars.

    Throughout the novel, “10 minutes from now” environmental events and up-to-the minute tech trends serve both to ground the story in its place in time and provide talking points for its readers, who won’t believe what Pickle has to go through to find friendship, family, and love.

We’ll be posting the first ten sections from Pickle Panda Finds Love in the Time of Robot Bees every few weeks here on Planetsave, so check them out, and pick up the eBook to find out what trouble Pickle and his friends get into next. Enjoy!


Pickle Panda Finds Love in the Time of Robot Bees


An original novel by Planetsave author Jo Borrás.