Coal–Climate Connection To Hit TV Screens Nationwide

By Dayna Reggero The upcoming SHOWTIME® docu-series, Years of Living Dangerously, premiering on April 13, provides an opportunity to meet the people and see the places affected by climate change. … [Read full article]

Obama, Declaring "we must learn from history," Praises Chevron at A-bomb Memorial Service

  President Obama, speaking at the annual “Chevron remembers Nagasaki” memorial service, today praised the US oil giant for its role “in helping all of us learn from history.” Speaking … [Read full article]

Human Cost of Coal (Maps & Facts)

  Recenty, the good folks at iLoveMountians.org created 10 awesome maps showing the health and socioeconomic effects of coal and mountaintop removal (MTR) in key MTR and coal-burning regions. The … [Read full article]

Greenpeace Protesters Take Over Asheville Power Station

  Greenpeace activists in North Carolina have climbed a Progress Energy power station in Asheville and “have secured themselves to the coal loader and conveyers, which will prevent coal from … [Read full article]

San Francisco Bank of America ATM Machines Turned into "Truth Machines"

  News: “An activist group has taken it upon themselves to turn San Francisco Bank of America ATM machines into ‘Automated Truth Machines’ by using overlay stickers that point out … [Read full article]

10 More Big Activism Stories

Some top activism stories from the past week or so that I haven’t been able to get to but deserve a big share: Two Finland animal activists who were being … [Read full article]

Activism Roundup (7 Stories)

7 more good activism stories of the week we haven’t covered yet:

Activism Link Drop (3 Stories)

Here are three good activism stories I wanted to cover in more depth this week but never found the time to:

#1 Tea Party Citizen Mistake… (+ Top Activism & Politics Stories)

The Tea Party’s got a number of mistakes to its name. And the #1 mistake really depends on who you’re talking about when you’re talking about the Tea Party — the citizens or the political leaders. In this case, I’m referring to Tea Party citizens.