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Just in case you needed another reason not to drink bottled water…

Mmmmmm… there’s nothing more refeshing on a hot day than a nice big bottle of cold Bisphenol A. Via Ecofriend, via Environmental Graffiti Whenever we drink from a plastic bottle, no matter what it’s carrying, a harmful chemical named bisphenol A (BPA) enters our body along with the liquid. Six months ago, the European Food […]

August 13th

Bridge Collapse Hero turns down White House Photo Op

Jeremy Hernandez is the man. He was trapped on a tilting school bus in the recent Minnesota bridge collapse with a bunch of kids and rose to the challenge of the chaos by kicking out the back door and leading them all to safety. The media loves a good hero story and Jeremy has been […]

August 9th

Gore’s still The Man: the Chilean sea bass was legit

Oh Al, you’ve won my heart back… I posted yesterday about a little controversy over the menu at Al Gore’s daughter’s wedding. The scoop was that Gore & Co. dined on the very-endangered Chilean sea bass at the reception dinner. That’d be a big no no for a top notch Planetsaver like Al. Today comes […]

July 19th