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Seeking Proof Of Intelligent Life In The Universe? (cartoon and essay)

Extraterrestrial life—life that does not originate from Earth—has been a subject of speculation since Copernicus theorized that Earth is not unique in the Universe. Intelligent life in the cosmos is actually a great explanation for the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and a lot of other peculiar structures in the world. (Crop circles, however, remain a mystery to […]

July 2nd

Remove Those Cookies Before They Burn! (cartoon)

As most of us now know, a “cookie” in this sense (a.k.a, HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie) is a teensy piece of data a website sends to a user’s web browser while the user is on that website. When the user loads the website again, the browser passes on information stored with the […]

June 28th

If An Egg Breaks In The Forest… (photoon)

Did you know it takes about three weeks for a chick to hatch from an egg, sometimes over a month for a duck, but only 11 days for a pigeon? No idea about the dodo or pterodactyl. Your thoughts? (Many thanks to our friends in the Netherlands ( for the above rendition of the internet […]

June 27th

Who's The Savage? (photoon)

Who’s the savage in this forest? The indigene, or the “forest industry”? Thanks for posting this great photoon from The Pieces Fit on your Facebook page, Moms Clean Air Force!

June 6th

Proposed EPA Carbon Rules (cartoon)

Looks like a comment on today’s EPA carbon rule, but we do hope you’ll notice that this cartoon is seven years old. Thanks to the artist and the University of Colorado—Boulder for being ahead of their time! (Or not.)

June 2nd

Ancestry Of The iPhone 5 (Kids React)

Hope you are not one of the 8+ million people who has already seen this since it first posted less than a week ago: “Kids React to Old Computers.” Does it make you feel (1) prehistoric? (2) cool? or (3) bored? (Extra points if you know exactly what I’m referring to when I say I […]

May 30th

Colbert & Tom Friedman Discuss Global Weirding (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert recently sat down with Tom Friedman — an American journalist, columnist and author who is passionate about tackling climate change — for some fun + a call for climate action now. Of course, Colbert was in his fake ├╝ber-conservative hat (which we get to watch for a bit longer until he takes over […]

May 26th