Dirty Energy & Fuel

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What Do I WIMBY (Want In My Backyard)?

No matter what new energy proposal someone makes, it’s bound to attract an outcry of NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard). (My recent post about the U.S. generating all the energy it needed via a 100-mile-by-100-mile solar installation in the Mojave Desert, for example, evoked some protest.) So I thought it might help to pose the […]

Navajos On Warpath Over Uranium Mining On Tribal Lands

For all the minorities in this country who have raised pluperfect hell about their past or current situations, the American Indian has been the quietist, and I wonder why. Before you write me nasty emails, I’m not minimizing the concerns of minorities in this country: they have their issues and the right to use their […]

April 19th

A Plea for Help

Those steel tanks you see are some of the 177 that contain 53 million gallons of heavy metals, acids and solvents. They also contain plutonium, cesium, strontium and uranium. All are buried underground. Of those 177, sixty-seven are confirmed leakers, meaning their contents are leaching into the soil and headed toward the Columbia River. Most […]

March 3rd

Cleantech Investments Reached New Heights in 2007

Venture capital investments in clean technology reached an impressive $5.18 billion last year in North America and Europe. North American-based companies received three times the investments of the European-based companies. Not surprisingly, energy generation was responsible for $2.75 billion in investments, with solar energy shining. “In 2007, solar emerged as a significant investment theme, and […]

January 24th

Controversial Wind Farm Takes Step Forward

It comes as no great surprise to many of us that there will always be a roadblock to a good step forward; especially if it’s a green step. People often do not like new technology. They’re scared of it, or fearful of the jobs it will take away/create. This is very much the case for […]

January 15th

Tidal Energy: the Race is On

A tidal energy facility in Nova Scotia could help fuel development of this emerging renewable energy source. The last few years have been a time of amazing growth in the renewable energy industry and the renewable energy potential of many regions is increasingly being utilized. Tidal energy is becoming a hot topic, with many companies […]

January 10th