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Top 13 Human-Caused Environmental Horrors

[UPDATED: Sept. 27, 2013; see addendum at bottom] In the spirit of both Halloween and Environmental Awareness, I hereby offer thirteen environmental horror stories of anthropogenic origin. I have chosen to narrow my sample field to the post World War II time period. I have also excluded nuclear weapons tests and chemical weapons usage (such […]

October 24th

Big Oil and Big Coal’s Favorite Toy (cartoon)

Find me a liberal in the Big Coal and/or Oil biz and I’ll never draw another cartoon again! Republican governor candidates deny climate change On climate change, it’s the Republicans versus reality Follow Joe Mohr’s cartoonery at JoeMohrToons.com and on Twitter at @GreenCartoons

October 1st

Oil Detection Made Easier and Safer

A lot has been made of the devastating effect detecting oil has on the surrounding environment. Putting aside the fact that we’d rather not see the oil taken in the first place, CSIRO Australia scientists have developed a new technique that will minimize the destruction of the environment when searching for petroleum hydrocarbons, commonly derived […]

September 29th

First Independent Study of Oil Spill Confirms Disaster

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill that shocked the world is fading into the background, but the effects of the disaster will long be felt. And now for the first time an independent study has confirmed the disastrous extent of the oil spill making it the largest marine oil accident ever. “We wanted to do […]

September 27th