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Green News of the Day

Top clean, green energy news of the day; global warming news of the day; and a bit more: Clean, Green Energy Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 Introduced How Wind Turbines Work GE Doubled Global Solar Power Investments in Last Year New Solar & Wind Power Projects (Largest Wind Power Project in Washington, Largest PV […]

March 1st

Green News of the Day (VIDEO)

Some top green news from around from the past day or so: Global Warming   Heartland associate taught ‘biased’ climate course at Ottawa university  An associate of the Heartland Institute, the thinktank devoted to discrediting climate change, taught a course at a top Canadian university that contained more than 140 false, biased and misleading claims about […]

February 29th

Activism News of the Day (VIDEO)

Top green & animal activism news of the day from around: Lucy Lawless & Greenpeace Activists Arrested Lucy Lawless (XENA) and 6 other Greenpeace activists were arrested yesterday for climbing a Shell oil rig headed to the Arctic. Greenpeace Activists Climb Mt Fuji to Call for Nuclear-Free Japan Greenpeace activists elsewhere, meanwhile, were preparing yesterday […]

February 28th

Cliff Stearns Exposes GOP Energy Agenda (Woops.)

  David Roberts of Grist has done a great job helping House Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) expose some of his party’s (rather odd) ideologies and, in particular, energy agenda.   In the post below (reposted from Grist) exposes the (ok, not so hidden) fact that the GOP is not opposed to government supporting/subsidizing industry or playing […]

February 24th

Official Meme of 2011: Meltdown (Cartoon)

  Via DailyKos, here’s the “official meme of 2011“: Seems spot on to me. We certainly covered the Japan nuclear meltdowns, Arctic ice cap meltdown, and multiple (Republican-driven) Congressional meltdowns repeatedly here on Planetsave. Though, decided that the Charlie Sheen and other meltdowns were outside our jurisdiction, somewhat thankfully. What will 2012 bring?

January 3rd

Green (& Not So Green) News of the Year (2011 Top 10 List)

  2011 was a big year for the environment, in some good ways and some bad ways. Here’s a quick run-down of the top 10 stories of the year, in my opinion: 1. Tremendously high levels of carbon emissions continue to warm Earth. Despite efforts to switch to clean energy, increase energy efficiency, and use more […]

December 28th

80 Taiwan Environmentalists Protest Outside Nuclear Power Plant

  Nuclear power isn’t popular anywhere (well, except in nuclear industry board rooms, I guess). And it is something that gets people motivated enough to physically protest. The latest such protest seems to have been in Taiwan. “About eighty environmental activists protested outside the fourth nuclear plant in New Taipei City Tuesday as a safety […]

December 21st

Belgium Going Nuclear-Free

There’s been a ton of movement away from nuclear energy since the Fukushima disaster in Japan, and, actually, even long before that. Germany has decided to ditch nuclear completely, by 2022. Switzerland has followed suit. UK anti-nuclear activists got out in full force last month to oppose a new nuclear power plant. And Italians crushed […]

November 1st