Global Warming

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5 Ways to Prevent Global Warming That Big Media Won’t Tell You

Repeatedly, you’ll hear or read the same suggestions as to what you can do to prevent global warming. Big media sources typically suggest very simplistic things like changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescents, buying a hybrid car, or unplugging appliances when they’re not in use. But you want to make a real difference. You […]

November 28th

Dry Mushrooms Could Slow Global Warming

New research shows that mushrooms feeding on dead vegetation in soils of northern areas like Alaska and Siberia, eat less and produce less harmful carbon dioxide, when temperatures climb. When researchers from UC Irvine set out to investigate how climate change was affecting carbon dioxide output by fungi in dryer parts of the Northern Hemisphere, […]

November 4th

Think Al Gore is Too Soft? Join This Climate Change Cult!

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, a handful of deniers manage to keep arguing about the existence, causes, and likely outcomes of global warming. Not to be outdone by this conventional irrationality, we have a few oddballs on the ‘believing’ side of the fence too. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, a new-age religious cult based out of […]

November 3rd

Ad Blames Illegal Immigrants for Global Warming (Video)

Rather than recommending that Americans cut back on their excessive consumer lifestyle, an anti-immigration group has released an advertisement touting controversial research that has claimed immigrants’ carbon footprints quadruple in size after moving to the US. The group, Californians for Population Stabilization, does not advocate that Americans themselves have fewer children, nor do they promote […]

October 30th

Arctic Temperatures Hit New Record High

Temperatures in the Arctic last fall hit record highs, an international team of scientists reported Thursday. According to the authors of the annual Arctic Report Card, temperatures were more than 9 degrees Fahrenheit above normal and are predicted to remain nearly as high this year. “The year 2007 was the warmest year on record in […]

October 17th

Gorby's Right: Economy, Ecology are Connected

Others have been saying it for a while now, but former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has put it most eloquently: there’s no fixing the economic crisis without also taking into account our environmental crises. “This financial turmoil, which will heavily affect the real economy, was absolutely predictable, and it is only one aspect of the […]

October 15th

Global Warming Could Quicken the Spread of Disease

Climate change could make it easier for some “deadly” diseases to be transmitted from animals to humans. Global Warming is not just about melting ice caps and rising temperatures.  Scientists continue to discover new ways in which the “butterfly effect” of global warming could transform life on Earth as we know it.  The Wildlife Conservation […]

October 7th

Air Capture System Can Filter Carbon Dioxide From Any Air, Anywhere

This is a guest post by Meg Hamill, a freelance writer, also working at the environmental non-profit LandPaths in Sonoma County, California This summer at the University of Calgary in Canada, great strides were made in  an air capture system, built to filter CO2 emissions from diffuse sources. Professor David Keith, director of the Institute […]

September 30th