Animal Cruelty

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November Link Drop

I know, it’s not November any more. I’m dropping links here for November stories I never got around to sharing or writing about but really wanted to. I figured it would be better to do so at the end of the week than on Tuesday. So, here are some more stories from November you might […]

December 3rd

Effort to Ban $1 Billion Fur Industry in Denmark

Denmark’s largest newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, activists from the animal welfare organization ANIMA, and Danish TV2 have revealed horrible animal cruelty at mink and fox farms in Denmark. Some of the things they caught on camera were a fox with three legs lagging around in its cage; a fox with a mouth full of abscesses; a […]

December 1st

Slaughterhouse Illegality and Cruelty Exposed in UK

Sheep decapitated whilst still alive; calves slipping and collapsing repeatedly to the floor for three hours; goats leaping into the killing area to try to evade the stunning tongs… These are among the scenes secretly filmed by Animal Aid at F Drury & Sons slaughterhouse in Wiltshire. Sounds horrible, eh? I can hardly read it […]

November 30th

Hunt Official Caught on Camera Beating Hound

There’s basically one way to describe this, disgusting. The League Against Cruel Sports reports: On 18th November, our Operations Team were monitoring a hunt in the north Cotswolds, close to the village of Weston sub Edge. They witnessed a red-coated hunt official relentlessly laying into one of the hunt’s hounds. Watch carefully as the footage was […]

November 26th

French City Fréjus No Longer Hosting Bullfights

Activist organizations like the League against cruel sports won a major victory last month in France. The city of Fréjus has banned bullfighting, meaning that bullfighting is now almost entirely situated in the south-west corner of the country. Here’s more via the League: Last month, the Mayor of the French municipality of Fréjus announced that […]

November 24th

Save Seals and Otters from Murder Near Fish Farm

Here’s a good action opportunity via our friends at Animal Aid: In December, Western Isles Council will decide on planning application 10/00468 to build the largest salmon farm in the Western Isles. It would be situated very close to seal breeding colonies, a cormorant colony and several otter habitats, and the owner has said he […]

November 15th

Hunt Regulatory Authority to be Like FIFA?

Yes, the international soccer organization FIFA. Apparently, hunting has become very unpopular with the general public. To try to pull people over to its side, the Hunt Regulatory Authority in the UK is saying that it is going to change some things and be more like FIFA. What? Here’s more from the League Against Cruel […]

November 15th

"The cruelty on show is the worst I have seen."

UK animal advocacy organization Animal Aid published  “its full investigation into UK slaughterhouses” last week, describing “the ‘utter horror’ of slaughter in so-called ‘humane’ British abattoirs.” “The cruelty on show is the worst I have seen,” wrote Chief Executive of the Food Standards Agency Tim Smith. For the study: Animal Aid visited seven randomly chosen […]

November 11th

3 Big Lies from Big Food

Most of the meat Americans consume is from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, which are horrific for animals and terrible for our health and our communities. CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, edited by Daniel Imhoff and published by Watershed Media and the Foundation for Deep Ecology, is a must-read and must-see book about the […]

November 10th

Stop Fish Exploitation, Fish Massages

I recently found out that a shopping center in the UK is offering “fish foot massages.” Animal Aid writes: We have been informed that Queensmere Shopping Centre in Slough is offering ‘fish massages’. The fish are kept in small tanks, which people then put their feet into to be ‘massaged’. Please politely contact the shopping […]

November 2nd

“Animal Concentration Camp” Shut Down

Last week, the owner of a certain “Little Acre Petting Farm” in the UK was sentenced to 3 months in jail and was banned from keeping animals for the rest of his life. Apparently, the man’s petting farm was actually “nothing short of an animal concentration camp” according to the judge. League Against Cruel Sports […]

October 27th

Save Japan Dolphins Day

This Thursday, October 14, people around the world are going to be protesting the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Rallies will be held in front of Embassies and Consulates of the government of Japan in numerous countries on all 6 inhabited continents. Save Japan Dolphins Day is primarily being organized by Save Japan Dolphins and Oceanic […]

October 12th