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With Dam Removal, San Joaquin Salmon Will Run Again

The Friant Dam on California’s San Joaquin River, built in the 1940’s, is slated for removal as part of today’s Congressional designation of wilderness status and federal protection to 2 million acres across nine states. [social_buttons] Included in Congress’ largest expansion of the wilderness system in 15 years is an ambitious river restoration effort on

Chemical Company Faces Clean Air Act Violations in Court

The criminal trial of W.R. Grace & Co., an international chemical company under federal indictment since 2005, began yesterday in Libby, Montana. [social_buttons] W.R. Grace & Co. is charged with violating the Clean Air Act and obstruction of justice while operating vermiculite mines in the Northwestern Montana town. Charges focus on whether company officials knew

Funding for Virginia's Air Inspector Force Evaporates

Virginia will cut its air pollution inspectors by more than 20% due to a budget shortfall. The Department of  Environmental Quality reported that 14 of the 54 inspector positions had been eliminated as part of Governor Timothy Kaine’s proposed $12 million in cuts to the state secretary of natural resources. “If [polluters] are out of

Obama To Reverse Bush's Policy on State Fuel Economy Standards!

President Obama will push for the E.P.A. to allow states to set higher fuel economy standards than the current Federal standards. The Bush administration had not allowed stricter standards than those set by Congress in 2007. “Just days into office, President Obama is showing America and the world that he will lead our country in

German Government Advisory: Eat Meat Only on Special Ocassions

Germany’s environmental issues advisory body issued a strong advisory for German people to lower their meat consumption, effectively asking the population to eat meat only on special occasions. The advisory board cited that 15% of Germany’s greenhouse gases come from agriculture. Dramatically reducing meat consumption will diminish Germany’s carbon footprint. [social_buttons] “We must rethink our

New Study Shows Nitrogen Lowers CO2 Levels in Forests

Scientists have concluded that forests with excessive nitrogen concentrations reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. During a ten year study in Michigan by the National Science Foundation, researchers intentionally fertilized forests with two to three times the current levels of nitrogen. These levels mimic the predicted nitrogen levels of the near

Chesapeake Bay Advocates Sue EPA Over Failed Regulations

A coalition of Chesapeake Bay advocates have filed suit against the EPA, calling for the government agency to honor existing state-federal agreements. The lawsuit focuses on Chesapeake Bay “dead zones” where lobsters and crabs are unable to breathe. [social_buttons] Agreements between the EPA and state governments to curb runoff pollution from farms, suburbs, power plants

Seattle Residents Sue Big Polluters, Find Government Support

The Puget Soundkeeper Alliance has been suing companies under the 1972 Clean Water Act when they do not meet these minimal federal regulations. The law empowers citizens to bring lawsuits against individual polluters, and the Soundkeeper Alliance has been aggressively focusing on the biggest culprits with big results. While defendants argue that companies are negligible

Woman Arrested for Running Fraudulent Wildlife Sanctuary

Officials in Palm Beach County, Florida arrested Heather K. Southworth for felony fraud after exposing her big cat rescue charity as a complete fabrication. [social_buttons] Her non-existent organization, called Rescue: Big Cat Organization, complete with a fictional website, location, staff, and convenient donation link, was outed by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when

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