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Ontario May Ban Coal Power Outright

The province of Ontario may soon ban power plants from burning coal. This is an outright ban, nothing less. According to CTV News, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, alongside Al Gore, announced the proposed ban, which will be introduced by Monday and take effect in 2014 if passed. Her party (the Liberals) was criticized for being

All-Solid Lithium-Sulfur Battery Stores 4x As Much As Li-ion

Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries have been under development for years, and have already demonstrated the ability to store 400 Wh per kg of batteries. However, this time, there is an all-solid lithium-sulfur battery that could do even better. Will it last longer than previous lithium-sulfur batteries? Lithium-sulfur batteries have been stated to last “few tens of cycles” before

Canadian Solar Sells 4 PV Power Plants For $217 Million in Ontario

BluEarth Renewables has purchased four solar photovoltaic plants from Canadian Solar. BluEarth Renewables is based in Canada. The power plants were 38.5 MWac. They were part of the Ontario pipeline, which was said to be valued at $1.45 billion. It is called AC power (MWac) )because PV solar power plants have a DC and AC power output.

Wind Power Blowing Strong In Cold Climates

The deployment of wind turbines in cold climates has been taking place rapidly in cold climates. This deployment is so significant that 40–50 GW of wind power capacity (wind turbines, basically) is forecast to be constructed by 2017. That would be an increase of 72% compared to 2012, and cost approximately €75 billion. Wind speeds

Tesla Motors Set To Repay Its Government Debt

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has said that it would repay the debt induced by the loan they received from the US government to develop electric vehicles early, and it appears this will be possible, with a bit of personal help from Elon. The company appears to be on track to pay the loan back years

Largest Wind Farm In Southern Hemisphere Opens In Australia

Equipment and personnel from four continents banded together to build the largest wind farm in the world’s southern hemisphere: the 420 MW (nearly ½-billion-watt) Macarthur Wind Farm. The Macarthur Wind Farm is now officially open and pouring electricity into the country’s electric grid. This is clearly a step in the right direction. This is a $1

Geothermal Climate Control System To Be Installed On Greenwich Ave

On 407–409 Greenwich Avenue, a geothermal heating and cooling system is being installed to facilitate energy-efficient climate control. This climate control system is for a three-story,12,000-square-foot celebrity chef restaurant that is being built where the Thataway restaurant used to be. This project is being run by the JCM Construction Group of Stamford. The system will utilize

Google Invests $200 Million In Texas Wind Project

  Google, which has a history of investing plenty in large-scale renewable energy projects, just announced that it has invested $200 million in a Texan wind power project. The project is called the Spinning Spur Wind Project, which is a 161MW wind farm that was originally built by EDF Renewable Energy. It is powered by 70 2.3MW

21MW Maui Wind Farm Goes Online

  Sempra U.S. Gas & Power and BP Wind Energy have announced that the 21MW Auwahi wind farm is now fully operational. Construction of this wind park took nine months to complete, and it consists of eight turbines mounted on the southeast ridge of Maui’s Haleakala volcano. This wind farm is capable of powering up to

Samsung Supplies Solar-Powered Internet Schools For South Africa

  Samsung has built solar-powered Internet schools for use in a rural region of South Africa (notably, with careful consideration of potential problems, such as a special design material to protect the panels from theft). The schools are literally modified shipping containers equipped with seats, desks, laptop computers, Galaxy tablet PCs, and an Internet connection.

Gilligan’s Island Gets a Solar Makeover from SolarCity

  SolarCity has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology of the University of Hawai’i to supply it with solar power. Incidentally, the university is located on Coconut Island, or Moku o Lo’e, home of the popular 1960s TV show Giligan’s Island! A PPA is an agreement between a party that

New Solar Panel Designs Make Installation Cheaper

  New solar panel designs that are intended to reduce the installation time and cost of solar power systems hae been created by a German and a Chinese partnership. Installation Cost The cost of installing solar panels can exceed the cost of the solar panels themselves, including the cost of the other equipment, such as

Economic Impact of Global Warming

Global warming has always been perceived as an environmental issue with high costs associated with it’s amelioration. This article, however, provides some insight into it’s economic importance.

Green and Cheap Summer Cooling Tips

Keeping cool during the summer is not as difficult as it seems. With simple changes in the way you cool yourself, you can save an enormous amount of money on air conditioning and save it for unusually hot and humid weather.

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