Author name: Jeff Pecaro

Obama Administration Won't Save Polar Bear from Bush's Rule Change

The Obama administration’s Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, announced today that he won’t be changing George W. Bush’s rule that global factors, such as climate change, cannot be considered in analyzing the polar bear’s survival. [social_buttons] The rule, instituted in the last months of Bush’s presidency, prohibit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and National

Activists Make First Attempt to Clean Pacific Garbage Patch

A group of intrepid activists are making a bid to be the first to undertake a clean-up mission to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also know as the Plastic Vortex. [social_buttons] Project Kaisei will sail to out of San Francisco to attempt to remove 40 tons of plastic waste from the 4 million tons believed

Bush to Remove Gray Wolf From Endangered Species List

Despite the news yesterday that the wolf population in Yellowstone has decreased 27%, the Bush administration said today that they will remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in the Midwest and in the area surrounding Yellowstone National Park. [social_buttons] The Bush administration has tried to remove the wolves’ federal protections twice before,

Australia Denies Japan's Request, Allows Sea Shepherd to Dock

Japan had requested a port closure from Australia that would ban Sea Shepherd from their ports, claiming that the anti-whaling group should be treated like pirates due to their aggressive tactics. [social_buttons] “The Steve Irwin will be permitted to dock at an Australian port,” said Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard. “There is insufficient reason to

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