Author name: Joshua S Hill

I'm a Christian, a nerd, a geek, a liberal left-winger, and believe that we're pretty quickly directing planet-Earth into hell in a handbasket! I work as Associate Editor for the Important Media Network and write for CleanTechnica and Planetsave. I also write for Fantasy Book Review (, Amazing Stories, the Stabley Times and Medium.   I love words with a passion, both creating them and reading them.

Is Kyoto All for Naught?

The life of someone looking to support the environment is a tough one, especially with news like this. The Kyoto Protocol was supposed to be Earth’s savior; or at least a benefit concert. But new information provided by the Chinese government has shown that by 2010 Chinese greenhouse gas emissions will have managed to eclipse

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Hooked on Fossil Fuels

Just as in the days when I was Hooked on Classics, it looks like humanity is going to be ‘hooked on fossil fuels’ for awhile longer. According to British Petroleum’s chief scientists, Physicist Steven Koonin, we’ll be stuck with the nasty for decades to come. Speaking to a crowd gathered at the Frances C. Arrillaga

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Antarctica's Disintegration Result of Many Factors, Not Just Climate Change

As the months go past we are getting a clearer picture of just how fragile our environment really is. Many people like to blame every abnormal environmental occurrence on climate change and global warming. However a pattern that seems to be emerging is that global warming was simply the last straw. I’ve personally reported several

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