An Ocean of Effort

Ocean trash is one of the problems photographed by Christopher Swain on his 1,000-mile ocean advocacy and education journey. [social_buttons] As the Obama Administration’s Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force moves … [Read full article]

The Greening of Paint

[social_buttons] Oregon this summer became the first state to enact in law a product stewardship law for the collection of leftover consumer paint.  The pilot program, which expires in 2014, … [Read full article]

What's In Your Bloodstream?

[social_buttons] A two-year-old Minnesota biomonitoring program has now confirmed that residents of suburbs east of the Twin Cities have perfluorochemicals (PFCs) in their blood, although government agencies stress that the … [Read full article]

Freshwater Dreams and Schemes

The North American Great Lakes contain 6 quadrillion gallons of freshwater, about one-fifth of the world’s available freshwater supply. [social_buttons] For more than 25 years, residents of the Great Lakes … [Read full article]