White House Says: Cut the Oil Subsidies! (5 Reasons)


Following weeks of Obama railing on the $4 billion a year oil companies receive in tax breaks, in the midst of record profits and after about a century of tax breaks and subsidies, the White House put in one strong push today to try to cut those oil subsidies. Here’s a post from the White House on the matter, which includes “five reasons to repeal oil subsidies” — ironically, it leaves out the #1 most important reason, which is that burning oil at the rate we have been is going to destroy human civilization (but I guess that isn’t politically acceptable to talk about for some reason):

[repostus hash=a8cadadfb09e253b98c40efec2c107f1 title=Repeal%20Subsidies%20for%20Oil%20Companies host=The%20White%20House short=18sab]

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