Vote! & Top 10 Green Voter Guides

Get out and vote today if you haven’t done so yet! And while you may be a little disappointed with the politicians in office, and with slow progress getting out of a horrible economic recession, 8 years of Republican-dominated government is what put us there in the first place — it takes awhile to clean up the mess that was created in that time.

When it comes to the environment (what our whole economy is based on in the end), generally speaking, you can’t find a Republican who will do more to help it than their Democratic counterpart would do. But going beyond simplified politics like that (which I think are horrible for the long-term health of a democracy), Jeremy Bloom of Red, Green and Blue recently compiled a list of the Top 10 Green Voter Guides. I suggest checking that out.

Democracy doesn’t work if people aren’t informed and engaged… Do your part today: get informed and vote!

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Photo Credit: hjl via flickr (CC license)

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