Texas Suffered Most from Extreme Weather in 2011


texas tops states in extereme weather 2011

Can you spell irony? In all seriousness, though, my grandparents live in Texas and I feel for their distress and those of others around their state. You would think this would help to wake more of the state up to the threat of global warming and climate change… let’s hope so.

“Texas, Alabama and Missouri topped the list of states hardest hit by the unrelenting assault of extreme weather in 2011,” Andrew Freedman, Alyson Kenward and Mike Lemonick of Climate Central note.

“Severe weather across much of the nation has raised the question of whether global warming has already begun to influence shorter-term weather patterns, and the specter of even more extreme years to come as global temperatures continue to rise.

“According to climate studies, the short answer is yes: the new climate environment created by global warming is more conducive to some extreme events, particularly heat waves and heavy precipitation events: these are now more likely to occur and be more intense when they do take place. Climate models have more difficulty predicting how climate change may be influencing other types of extremes, such as severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, but a warming climate provides more fuel to these events in the form of increased water vapor and heat in the atmosphere.”

This is something I’ve pointed out numerous times,.. but apparently our country is still lacking the knowledge or lacking the sense of urgency needed to act quickly on the matter.

For more, and pictures, visit the Climate Central story on this.

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  1. I live in Connecticut- the 8th state on the list- and its been a horrible year here for extreme weather. This is the new norm they say? I wonder what the extremes will be like.

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