Yosemite National Park

UCS Examines Climate Change From Sea To Shining Sea

More imminent than deadly viruses or terrorists at national events is the phenomenon of climate change, a force examined in a groundbreaking new report released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Titled National Landmarks at Risk: How Rising Seas, Floods and Wildfires are Threatening the United States’ Most Cherished Historic Sites, the study examines

Will Oprah Ignite Significant Growth in National Park Tourism?

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful people in the world, just recently made her first trip to a national park< Yosemite National Park in California (as you’ve probably heard by now). The interesting thing is, being an African-American, it is not at all unusual that Oprah had never visited a national park until this

National Parks (10 Friday Photos)

In this week’s 10 Friday Photos post, enjoy great photos of 10 beautiful national parks. Since this week’s 7 Green Bloggers post was about top nature destinations and some of the bloggers chose national parks, I decided to make sure some of the photos in this post are of those national parks.

Why Are There Fewer Large Trees in Yosemite?

[social_buttons] We’ve all heard the legend of Johnny Appleseed, the legendary apple tree planter of the United States. He walked across the country with his walking stick, and a bucket of seeds, just walking and planting as he went. Everywhere he went, apple trees sprouted up. And he was a hero. It is such a

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