Federal Court Rules Against Fracking Industry In California

In what is being hailed as a “landmark ruling” a federal judge in California has ruled (on April 8, 2013) that federal authorities at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) broke the law when they leased government-controlled land to oil and natural gas drilling companies without proper environmental oversight and assessment of the risks of

2011 — Record for Wet/Dry Extremes in U.S.

  Believe it or not (and it would be hard not to believe it), extreme weather is increasing in the U.S., and around the world, due to global warming. And 2011 was a record year for extreme weather. Wet and dry extremes hit an all-time high, as you can see in the chart above. Unfortunately,

Obama Too Coal-Friendly

  Despite declaring he would veto a tax cut bill if it comes to his desk with horrible anti-environment riders mentioned in my previous post, Obama’s administration has actually been far too friendly to the coal industry. “The disconnect between the Obama administration’s approach to managing federal coal resources in Wyoming and its rhetoric on climate

Montana Floods Kill One, Leave One Missing — More Extreme Weather to Come

Yes, it’s not rainy season anymore, it’s flooding season (unless you live in areas of the country experiencing “exceptional drought” — the highest level of drought — and wild fires). Montana is the latest to get extreme floods and they are now moving on towards neighboring states such as Wyoming and Utah.

Let me reiterate yet again, global warming (aka global weirding) = extreme floods AND extreme drought.

Taxpayers to Financially Support 1st Liquid Coal Plant in U.S.?

Liquid coal is nasty stuff. Using it as an alternative to oil would create about twice the global warming pollution that oil creates, as well as numerous other environmental woes. Nonetheless, the U.S. government may soon help the first liquid coal plant in the U.S. get off the ground in Wyoming. Apparently, private sector investors

Wyoming Ranchers Contest Proposed Prairie Dog Protection

While the federal government debates adding the black-tailed prairie dog to the endangered species list, ranchers in Wyoming are speaking out against the idea, claiming any protection for the animal would threaten their livelihood. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has concluded that the prairie dog’s population is only 20 percent of its original size.

85 Year Old "War" Over Colorado River Water Ends

It’s been going on since 1922, seven western states staking their claims on Colorado River Water. For years, a sometimes divisive battle has raged as Colorado, Utah, California, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada and New Mexico all said they weren’t getting their share of the precious liquid. It came to an end in Las Vegas, when representatives

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