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Happy World Animal Day? WWF Extinction Report

Today’s World Animal Day, celebrated across the globe since a 1931 convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy, conceived of it as a way to highlight the plight of endangered species. They chose October 4 because it’s the Catholic Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Since then, people have used the

Over 600 New Species Found in Madagascar During Past Decade

As far as biodiversity ‘hot spots’ go, it’s hard to beat Madagascar, a medium sized island off the southeast coast of Africa. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), from 1999 to 2010 some 615 new species have been discovered on the subtropical island. That list of new species is comprised of 42 invertebrates, 61 reptiles, 69 amphibians, 17 fish, 385 plants, and 41 mammals. Biologists believe that the island nation’s quite ancient, geologic isolation from the mainland of Africa and the more recent separation from the Indian section of the crustal plate (about 80 mya) set the stage for its uniquely evolved biodiversity.

Climate/Environmental/Animal Activism & Green Living Link Drop

Top climate, environmental, and animal activism stories from around, in my opinion: Industry Group Portrays West Virginia Pro-Coal Rally As a ‘Call to Arms’ There was plenty of early industry backlash to EPA’s historic decision last week to veto the permit for Arch Coal’s planned mega-mine in Appalachia, as I wrote about last week. More recently,

Letter to Obama: Clean Air Act Must be Defended

The Clean Air Act is getting attacked by leading polluters and some members of Congress. Over a couple dozen scientific, environmental, and progressive organizations told Obama in a letter sent to him on Friday that he needs to make sure to stand up for this critical piece of U.S. legislation. Here’s the letter: Dear Mr.

Lynx to be Introduced into Poland from Estonia

The Eurasian lynx is one of Europe’s largest predators. And, of course, it is endangered. Actually, I teach English here in Poland and this is the first animal that comes to mind for many of my students when we start talking about endangered species — this or the European bison, which is the symbol of

Tigers (10 Friday Photos, doubled)

In honor of the recent, historic tiger summit this month, this week’s 10 Friday Photos post is on tigers. And since the country leaders meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia decided to set the goal of doubling the number of wild tigers by 2022 (the next Year of the Tiger), we are doubling our photos this week,

Leonardo DiCaprio Giving $1 Million to WWF for Tiger Conservation

A historic tiger summit took place this week in St. Petersburg, Russia, with key countries committing to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next “Year of the Tiger” in China. From about 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th century to approximately 3,200 today, tigers have been hunted mercilessly and are on the

Pangolin Trade Much Worse than Expected, Seized Notebooks Show

Reporting from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia last week, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) shared some disturbing news with the world. Endangered pangolins (aka scaly anteaters) are being massacred at a rate much higher than previously expected. Stunning figures in traffickers’ logbooks indicate massive illegal capture and trade in endangered pangolins or scaly anteaters, finds a

Argentina Gets Big Award from WWF for Ocean Protection Efforts

At the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) last week, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) awarded Argentina’s National Park Administration President, Dr. Patricia Gandini, one of its highest awards — a Leaders for a Living Planet (LLP) award. Gandini and Argentina was given the award for her leadership efforts to protect the southwest Atlantic Ocean and

The Sunday Times Amazongate Story Retracted (5 months late)

The Sunday Times has just retracted its horrible and misleading Amazongate story, five months after being published. Remember Amazongate? It was a “big” news story that was supposed to show corruption and misrepresentation of data by climate change scientists. Well, if you couldn’t guess it before, the not-so-big news (as in, hardly covered news) now

Earth Hour Getting Large Corporate Support

[social_buttons] We know that it is actually a positive thing these days to care about the environment. It is not a fringe, weirdo concern. For this reason, we now even have the problem of corporate greenwashing — companies (or politicians, people, etc.) trying to convince people they are green when they are not. As we

New "Face the G8" Game from World Wildlife Fund

[social_buttons] World Wildlife Fund International has an interactive online game up called Face the G8 and it asks the questions “What would you do if you were a member of the G8? Would you choose the right policies that lead us to an environmentally sustainable future, or make the same old empty promises and continue with ‘business as

The Saga Continues: Ashley Judd Responds to Sarah Palin on Larry King [Video]

[youtube=] The debate over the aerial killing of wildlife in Alaska rages on with Ashley Judd and Defenders of Wildlife president Rodger Schlickeisen appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. [social_buttons] Judd discusses why she so vehemently opposes aerial hunting (and later name-drops Van Jones and the Green Collar Economy) while Schlickeisen responds to

Conservationists Warn Koalas Could Be Headed For Extinction

Conservationists claim Australia’s iconic koala will become extinct in some areas of the country if the federal government does not take urgent action. A group of Australian scientists recently met with government officials to develop a national koala conservation strategy to keep key populations of the animals from dying out.

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