Oregon Wolf Dies In Idaho (Sister Of California Wolf)

The Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife keeps a fascinating Web page on their site to track the events in the lives of the Imnaha wolf pack. The December 29, 2011 entry says OR-7, a male, entered California. So far the page has not been updated to reflect the death of OR-5, the sister of

Wolves' Return Revitalizes Yellowstone

Fifteen years after wolves were returned to Yellowstone National Park the health of the overall ecosystem is overwhelming and obvious. This is the observation made by scientists in a new report published in the journal Biological Conservation. For the first time in 70 years, the young aspen and willow trees are not being eaten before

Green Gifts (Cyber Monday)

I may do a post on other types of gifts later on in the season, but on “Cyber Monday” I thought I’d go with this simple but nice gift idea. I’m sure different people have different opinions about these gifts, but I think they serve a good purpose with few environmental costs, while also accepting

A Future for Wolves?

To many, including Native Americans, wolves are sacred animals symbolizing nature’s wild freedom… “The threat to wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies is real — and it’s happening now.” ~ Defenders.org Help stop the deadly Wildlife Services wolf-killing plan and urge constituents and Members of Congress to speak out against federal legislation that would remove wolves

Is This Some Sick Sport? Video Shows Dogs Attacking Captive Wolf in Turkey

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/v/jsearqknaE8&hl=en&fs=1] Warning: Video contains disturbing content. This video is very hard to make out (and all online Turkish-to-English translations don’t yield much more insight), but this appears as if a small town in Turkey gathered together to encourage their dogs to attack and kill a captive wolf. Please comment if you have any idea what

Bush to Remove Gray Wolf From Endangered Species List

Despite the news yesterday that the wolf population in Yellowstone has decreased 27%, the Bush administration said today that they will remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in the Midwest and in the area surrounding Yellowstone National Park. [social_buttons] The Bush administration has tried to remove the wolves’ federal protections twice before,

Oklahoma Senator Seeks Constitutional Right to Hunt

Democratic Oklahoma state senator Earl Garrison has proposed a “Hunters Bill of Rights” that would guarantee the legality of hunting. He fears a ban on hunting could could happen at some point due to pressure from animal rights groups and hopes to preemptively block any attempts with a constitutional amendment. “Animals have to be harvested,”

Where the Wild Things Roamed

Large herds of buffalo once trampled the Great Plains, making the landscape appear black and in motion. Wolves roamed the continent, creating complex societies. This time period now lives as legend, in accounts from early settlers and Indian stories. Scattered reserves are home to relatively small populations. A recently study by scientists from the Princeton

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