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Denmark Smashes All Previous Wind Energy Records In 2017

Numbers have just come out this week from, the Danish energy organization whose members support companies in delivering steady green power to the Danes, with an impressive uptime of 99.99% at competitive prices. A New Record Wind turbines delivered power equivalent to 43.6 percent of Denmark’s electricity consumption in 2017. This is a new milestone

India Issues Draft Policy To Incentivise Repowering Wind Energy Projects

As India targets 60 GW installed wind energy capacity by 2022 the government is looking to push the industry towards more efficient and larger capacity wind turbines. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy recently announced a draft policy for repowering old wind turbines. The policy essentially calls for the replacement of all wind turbines

Top Five Small Wind Turbines (In Sales)

Small wind turbines are a perennial point of contention. According to wind energy expert Paul Gipe, they often don’t live up to their hype. However, in very high-wind and off-grid situations, they may sometimes be useful. You really just have to do the best you can to evaluate your unique situation. Check out this guest

Largest Wind Farm In Southern Hemisphere Opens In Australia

Equipment and personnel from four continents banded together to build the largest wind farm in the world’s southern hemisphere: the 420 MW (nearly ½-billion-watt) Macarthur Wind Farm. The Macarthur Wind Farm is now officially open and pouring electricity into the country’s electric grid. This is clearly a step in the right direction. This is a $1

5 Home Technologies For Cleaner Energy

Clean energy is in everyone’s best interests. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps to save the future of the earth’s resources and ecosystem. Finite energy sources will not be around forever, and their production is harmful to the earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, some real progress has been made regarding clean energy,

Siemens Wind Turbine Video Rocks It — Old School Style

  Siemens is one of the top wind turbine producers in the world, so of course it has a bit of interest in glamorizing wind power, but the bottom line is that wind power really is worth glamorizing. Wind power is cheap (the cheapest form of new electricity in many or even most places). Obviously,

Offshore Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines Get a Closer Look

  Offshore vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) could help to solve some of the problems of generating energy from offshore breezes, according to researchers from Sandia National Laboratory. Though VAWTs have been around since the beginning of wind energy research at Sandia and other research centers, after a closer look, researchers think that VAWT architecture

The Total Guide: Green Home Buying

  By Zach Richard, Content Writer at Total Mortgage Services As the dominant species on this planet, human beings owe a duty of care to future generations to preserve and protect our environment to the best of our ability. We understand that it’s tough to make time to save the environment when we hold full time

Hank D and the Bee: A Bunch of Hot Air

More on Fox spinning the wind turbine (and bullies): From Treehugger: Wind Farms Cause Global Warming, Fox News Says From Care2: Bully: The Movie and the Movement And more detail on the recent wind turbine story from sister site CleanTechnica: Understanding Wind Turbines and Heating/Cooling: “Eureka!” Study Finds Wind Farms Circulate Hot Air Follow the

Scientists Discover Nighttime Warming Underneath Texas Wind Farms

  A new study has found that land surface temperatures underneath and around large wind farms in west-central Texas have increased as a result of the introduction of the wind farms, especially at nighttime. “This study indicates that land surface temperatures have warmed in the vicinity of large wind farms in west-central Texas, especially at

Stanford Engineers Use Weather Models to Site Offshore Wind Farms

  By Andrew Myers Politics aside, most energy experts agree that cheap, clean, renewable wind energy holds great potential to help the world satisfy energy needs while reducing harmful greenhouse gases. Wind farms placed offshore could play a large role in meeting such challenges, and yet no offshore wind farms exist today in the United

What I (Don't) Hate about Wind Power

  One of our readers over on CleanTechnica shared this awesome post below with us in the comments of an article about community wind power last week. I thought you all might enjoy it, so here it is (the post was originally published on Neil Blanchard Designs’ blog): You know what I hate about wind turbines? The smokestacks. The

The Time of Wind Power for Homes Has Come Round Again

  Many years ago, wind power was commonly used for domestic purposes. Don Cervantes tilted at windmills that were being used for domestic purposes. In the British colonial era, wind generators were used to charge batteries that powered radios and allowed people to keep in touch with the powerful wartime speeches of Winston Churchill. Across

Chance to Win Vespa! (from Wind Power Innovator)

Energy costs just keep on rising, with only short respites that allow us to stay complacent to pending environmental and energy shortage crises.

This has an effect on all of us every day. Even if we don’t drive and we power our house with clean energy sources like wind and solar energy, which use “free” fuel, the prices of everything are affected by rising dirty energy prices. Transportation of goods and electricity costs rise for most people and businesses, and those costs are passed on to everyone.

But, if we jump on the clean, green energy bandwagon now, at least, we can at least revel in our own electricity and transportation savings.

Do You Have a Sauer Energy Wind Turbine Yet?

Now, you may or may not know, other than working on Planetsave, the place I spend most of my time is working on CleanTechnica, our sister site dedicated to covering topics such as wind energy, solar energy, and energy efficiency. I actually was not much of a tech guy just a few years ago, but I started writing on there two summers ago and slowly became obsessed. Now, I’m considered an expert in the field.

Wind Turbines May Be Benefit for Crops

The benefit of wind turbines is going to be a very long debate that carries on for many years, but new research led by a researcher at the US Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and his co-researcher from the University of Colorado could swing the balance of discussions just a little bit. According to the

Go Micro-Wind (Going Green Tip #11)

So, we’ve covered solar energy and microhydro energy in this Going Green Tips series. Here’s one more small-scale energy option: micro-wind. Like microhydro, micro-wind isn’t an option many people think of or look into when they are thinking of ways to green their energy supply. But it is a real option and perhaps even the

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