water shortage

Earth's OCS Cradles Huge Freshwater Reserves

The latest issue of Nature promises temporary relief to a planet where fresh water is quickly becoming scarcer and scarcer (photo: cc, from freeaussiestock.com). Vincent E.A. Post of Flinders University in Adelaide and his coauthors Jacobus Groen, Henk Kooi, Mark Person, Shemin Ge, and W. Mike Edmunds report the surprising news that outer continental shelves

The Glaciers are Shrinking and the Water is Disappearing

Glaciers across the planet are shrinking at a remarkable rate, a rate that is expected to increase as the years continue to pass by. However, conversely, water runoff from glaciers will not continue to increase, and is in fact expected to decrease over the coming decades. The new research is courtesy of research done in

Phoenix Can Make Positive Steps Forward

An Arizona State University press release described the words “enormous uncertainty” as being greatly applicable to the current condition of Phoenix’s climate and water supply. Reservoirs have dropped to their lowest ever levels, drought has continuously plagued the state, and the forecasts suggest that the temperatures are only going to continue to rise. However professors

Water Shortage Could Dry Up Nuclear Power Plants in Southeast

  We’ve all read about the drought in America’s Southeast, and if it doesn’t let up very quickly, some nuclear power stations may have to either cut back operations or shut down temporarily because of a lack of water. An Alabama reactor had to shutdown for a brief period in the summer, and officials in

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