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Nuclear Power Plant's Water Rights Threaten Endangered Species

[social_buttons] In southeast Utah rests a peaceful town located on the banks of a peaceful river. Here the Green River flows between two canyons, Gray and Labyrinth, allowing for farming and ranching in an arid desert. Driving through Green River, Utah doesn’t take but a few moments, including a stop to purchase some mouth-watering melons,

Water Not the Only Weapon Used on Water Forum Protesters

While my post earlier this week about police spraying water cannons at World Water Forum protesters was intended to point out the irony, the truth is that the situation in Turkey was out of control, with unprovoked police attacks on peaceful protesters. In addition to water cannons, police in riot gear fired rubber bullets and

Turkey Deports Two Activists for Protesting World Water Forum

Two peaceful protestors with the environmental nonprofit International Rivers were deported from Turkey today after revealing a banner reading “No Risky Dams” just before the conference was set to begin. [social_buttons] The forum, held every three years, discusses global challenges and solutions to the water crisis. International Rivers advocates alternatives to large dams, which flood

Why James Bond Would Drink Motor Oil Before Drinking Coke

The first time I saw the James Bond Coca-Cola ad, I didn’t think much about it. But now it turns my spit to bile. [social_buttons] It’s disgustingly ironic that the owners of the James Bond series would advertise Coke with a film about (spoiler alert) a greenwashing corporation stealing water from the third world. Because

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