water on Mars

Ancient Lake Discovered On Mars In Giant Crater

There is now strong evidence that water may be present in the crevices of a huge crater on Mars known as McLaughlin Crater, thanks to new images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. This is adding to the growing body of evidence that suggests that there is substantial water ice located under the surface of

Water on Mars? New Theory Brings Up New Questions

After observing clay material on the surface of Mars many times during the last ten years of exploration, astronomers had begun forming a rough consensus that early Mars once had large bodies of water on its the surface. But now new research is suggesting that magma may have the the agent of formation for the

Water on Mars? Scientists See Possibility of Salty Water in Martian 'Seasonal Flows'

A team of scientists, led by Alfred S. McEwan of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson, may have identified the tell-tale signs of “seasonal flows” (small channels attributable to downhill water movements) on certain Martian slopes. The potentially game-changing discovery, which was enabled by an analysis performed by an undergraduate student, has got the astronomy, planetary and astrobiology science communities rather excited.

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