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Five Gallon Challenge Adds Drought Awareness to Ice Bucket Challenge

You probably can’t go more than five minutes on any social media platform without seeing videos of people doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has been a massively successful fundraising vehicle for the organizations working to find treatments for those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. While there has been

How to Save a Gallon of Water with Every Toilet Flush

  By Jeffrey Davis of Eco-Snobbery Sucks Did you know that your toilet accounts for over a quarter of your household water usage? According to a study, though an albeit somewhat dated one (1999), by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation, toilet flushes use 26.7% of the total water used in your household Unfortunately,

World Water Day: Valuing Water by Fixing the Leaks

What is essential to daily life and breaks 850 times every day: a water main somewhere in the United States.  In the time it took me to write that sentence one just broke – well, make that two – according to the “Water Main Break Clock” at WatermainbreakClock.com.  Since 2000, more than 3,793,942 water mains have

5 Water Conservation Gifts to Give This Holiday

The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend $465 billion on holiday giving this year. With any luck, a portion of that will be spent buying water conservation gifts. Water conservation is more often thought of as a thing that we do rather than a thing that we give, but this holiday season it can

5 Ways to Conserve Water

There are many easy, effective ways in which you can conserve water that require very little thinking: turn off the faucet or garden hose, fix those leaks, and use common sense.

Is the World Running Out of Clean Water?

With the world’s population approaching 7 billion people, we are encountering a threat of a lack of clean drinking water. Now is the time to start conserving water and considering processes to alleviate the lack of clean drinking water.

World Water Day (60 Good Water Posts)

Today is World Water Day. We’ve written quite a number of water-related posts on Planetsave over the years, and other sites on the Important Media network have as well. For this year’s World Water Day, I’ve decided to share a number of our good water posts altogether, rather than write yet another article on one or two aspects of this important topic.

Coke Extends Commitment to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In 2002 the Coca-Cola Company used 3.12 liters of water to produce every liter of poduct. The company, which has captured the taste buds of drinkers worldwide used .57 megajoules of energy and averaged 12.54 grams of waste per liter of product. It’s no wonder that the Coke Kingdom has been less than popular among environmental groups.

5 Steps to a Greener Wiener (err…love life)

Our love lives can be physically, emotionally, and environmentally taxing. You’re on your own with the first two issues; I’m here to offer suggestions for the third… Step One: Meet You’ll save precious time if you know where to find an equally environmentally-conscious mate. Some suggestions–head to your local farmer’s market or Green Drinks chapter,

5 Water Solutions That Could Change the World!

Having grown up in the beautiful Chicagoland area in the 80’s my water needs were strictly as follows: Need #1: Water from hose to power clown-face sprinkler, fill water balloons, and hose off muddy dirt-bike/self, Need #2: Water from faucet to occasionally brush teeth and occasionally make Hi-C or Tang, Need #3: Water from shower

Top Colleges Working Together to Solve Nation's Water Woes

Combined Water Issues Map from WaterCAMPWS In reporting about our current and impending national freshwater issues I have occassionally received criticism/feedback along the lines of “water conservation may be important in places like Africa, but we live in the U.S…so quit the scare tactics!”. I find this ‘we-invented-water!’ attitude troubling considering the myriad of water

Addressing Water: Obama Walks on Top

Water is the New Terrorism It was often highlighted after the infamous tragedies of September 11th that terrorism was hardly discussed or barely even mentioned during the campaigning that led up to the 2000 election (Al vs. W). Searching for a way the horrible acts could have been avoided led to a lot of finger pointing and

Top Ten Water Saving Tips

We are dealing with our current financial crisis after it became a crisis. This reactionary style is very “American”. Therefore, I propose we do something “un-American” and attack the looming water crisis with more of a preventative strategy. In fact, that is our only option. It’s not like we have a choice to be reactionary

An Afternoon of Golf: A Real Water Hazard!

Wasting water on the golf course Up for a round of golf with three of your friends? A burger afterwards? Coffee? That’ll be 25,148 gallons of water! According to Blue Planet Run, based on the average water use of US golf courses, approximately 3,350 gallons of water is used to water the grass for every

Drink Your Pee!: The Future of Water Filtration

Dean Kamen wants you to drink your pee…or sewage, or toxic, disease infested water. But not until after his Slingshot has worked its magic! The Super-Inventor unfortunately most known for the failure of his Segway has segway-ed into world-changing inventions. His latest, the Slingshot, can turn any collection of water-containing cocktails (ie. urine, ocean water,

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