Beans For Beef: The Climate Change Initiative That Anyone Can Do

Our #FakePresident has removed the United States for the Paris climate accords, leading some Americans to experience ecoanxiety. That’s a relatively new term that American Psychological Association used to describe the feelings of dread and helplessness the follow from “watching the slow and seemingly irrevocable impacts of climate change unfold, and worrying about the future

Beyonce Launches Vegan Meal Program

Both Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have garnered some press in the last year or so for trying a vegan diet. She has gone a stop farther by offering a vegan meal home delivery program in a partnership with exercise physiologist Marco Borges. 22 Days is the name of program and it provides vegan, soy-free

Cut Food-Related Carbon Emissions In Half By Not Eating Meat

Our modern lifestyle is packed full of behaviors and habits and products that have high carbon emissions attached to them, so there are plenty of areas in our lives that we can address and reduce our own personal carbon footprint. We can reduce phantom (vampire) power draws in our homes, we can upgrade to a

Vegan Supermarket Comes To US

Originally published on Eat Drink Better. By Jill Ettinger Long-time vegans would say it’s about time. And the wait is almost over for a store that only sells vegan food. That’s right. A vegan supermarket is coming to the U.S. But not until 2016. Called (ahem) “Veganz”, the German-based market opened in 2011 and is

5 Eco-Friendly Meetups In Europe

No matter what niche your profession sees you in, and what other roles you fill as a human living on Earth, our only home in this vast universe, the “green” trend is one that is well-worth paying close attention to. Helping to shape our business practices, and leading to a more Earth-friendly approach to the

Veganism And The Ethics Of Local Food

As vegans living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, which is in many ways centered around animal agriculture, my wife and I are constantly facing the realities of our modern food system from the point of production to the point of consumption — what many refer to as “farm to table.” Being a traditionally agricultural

Bill Gates Advocating For Big Cut In Meat Consumption

After making his fortune on computer software, Bill Gates has shifted his focus to social and environmental problems (of course, environmental problems are also social problems). While I don’t agree with everything he promotes or thinks, he definitely seems genuine and is putting a lot into these matter. One of his recent topics of focus

Vegan Body Builder and Fitness Trainer Lisa Koehn Interview

(This content originally appeared on Lisa Koehn is a vegan bodybuilder and fitness trainer based in Hawaii. She kindly agreed to answer some questions about her training and diet. 1. What did your diet used to be, and what is it now? I was born and raised in the Midwest, so it was meat,

Eggs & Cigarettes Similarly Linked To Atherosclerosis (VIDEO) recently shared the video below regarding some recent studies related to the health effects of egg consumption, with this intro line: “A similar exponential increase in carotid artery plaque buildup was found for smokers and egg eaters.” Before sharing the video, though, here’s the catchy reddit title that led me to the post: “Last

Good Greens Bars: Superfoods Packed in Tastiness (Review)

  A few weeks ago, I got the chance to try these amazing Good Greens bars, which are completely packed in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics. Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good, green, raw, organic, and natural bar that can help us to live a healthy and happy life. There are

Main Street Vegan: Book Review

  “A great book for anyone who’s curious about veganism. It shows that not all vegans are weirdos like me.” ~Moby Main Street Vegan, written by Victoria Moran (with the great assistance of her daughter), is a book dedicated to vegans and those who are on their way to becoming vegan. It covers a lot

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Shoes! (Review)

I had a great opportunity to review some new, cool, super green, comfortable, vegan shoes recently. They are made of recycled and repurposed materials, and are a product of Unstitched Utilities. Here’s my review. […]

Online Vegan Cooking Classes

  Thinking about going vegan but not sure about what you’d cook? How about an online vegan cooking class? Here’s a bit on some online vegan cooking classes offered by a contributor to sister site Eat Drink Better: “If you’ve ever wanted to improve your cooking skills or learn more about vegan cooking but didn’t

Veganism & the Environment (Infographic)

  We’ve covered the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan many times here on Planetsave, but I don’t think we could cover it too many times. Here’s a wonderful infographic on “veganism and the environment” that someone from the infographic company that made this for Culinary Schools:

Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Sister site Eat Drink Better has a great run-down of some delicious-looking vegan recipes for Super Bowl 2012. Below are what the recipes are for (click the link on “vegan recipes” above to see the recipes), followed by one more I’ll throw in there: Game Day Guac Kick Off Popcorn Field Goal Green Salad Winter

Vegan Chocolate Hearts — Great Valentine's Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you’ve got a boyfriend or girlfriend who’s passionate about animals and animal cruelty (or being vegan), Farm Sanctuary has a gift idea for you that I think you’ll love! It’s selling an organic, fair-trade Vegan “Milk” Chocolate Heart. As Meredith Turner of Farm Sanctuary writes: “All proceeds go to support Farm Sanctuary’s

Egg Consumption Falling in U.S.

At first, looking at the graphic above, the drop in egg consumption looks pretty dramatic. Actually, it’s just about a dozen eggs per person per year. But hey, it’s something. The news: From Voices of Compassion: “per capita egg consumption in the US has been steadily declining for the past six years!” “That’s according to

How to Cook Vegan

  As I wrote last week, at least 51% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock production. Therefore, one of the best things… I mean, probably the best thing you can do for the environment if you’re ready to take on this ‘challenge’ is go vegan. To help you along, a new writer over

Meatout — Coming to a City Near You

  Meatout activists are looking to help more people dump the cause of at least 51% of our global warming pollution emissions this March. These activists are organizing events around the country and around the world for March 20. All 50 U.S. states and at least two dozen other countries will be participating. More info

Person-to-Person Vegan Outreach

  Into helping to protect animals from horrid factory farming and massacre? Want to do more than just go vegetarian or vegan yourself? Vegan Outreach does great work meeting with people one-on-one and distributing useful, important informational materials. But it relies a lot on donations to get the word out. Note the correlation between annual

Science vs. Culture – Indian Scientists Clash Over Proposed Animal Welfare Law

With an estimated 5000 research institutions utilizing live animals, India has become a powerhouse in medical and biological research. But there’s a problem: according to the Animal Welfare Board of Indi, only 1700 of those institutions are in compliance with government registration laws, and only 200 or so have adequate facilities for the proper housing and care of animals. A new Animal Welfare Law has been proposed with provisions, out-right bans,and penalties that some scientists are calling excessively “harsh”. Critics assert that the law will severely hindermedical valuable and important science education and research.

Jason Schwartzman (of Rushmore/I Heart Huckabees/Bored to Death) & Farm Sanctuary Promote Vegetarianism {VIDEOS}

This came into my email recently — Jason Schwartzman, who I love, teaming up with Farm Sanctuary, who I love, to make a fun, interesting video about animals and vegetarianism, which I love — and I was planning to cover it myself but then Becky Striepe (editor of our sister site Eat Drink Better) beat me to it and did a good job of it, so I’ll quote a bit from her….

Earth Day 2011 Reflections

I think most of us green bloggers get quite frustrated with Earth Day. It can be a struggle for us to stay positive at this time. Why? Because we write about critical environmental issues and solutions to them all year long, and we are confronted with how little others are aware of or interested in such issues when Earth Day comes around. All of a sudden, a large number of people ‘care’ about the environment,… but don’t expect that to stay ’till tomorrow. We get numerous pitches from non-green companies who want us to feature them in our Earth Day posts (as well as pitches from truly green companies, of course). For one day, it is more “fashionable” to be green. But just for one day.

Livestock Production, Environment, and Going Green

Several months ago, back in June of 2010, I wrote up a story on the environmental impact of eating meat based on a new-at-the-time United Nations (UN) report on the matter. I recently ran across another good story on this topic on a friend’s site, Global Warming is Real, titled “Eating Less Meat to Cut CO2 Emissions” that resulted in a follow-up.

Are You Acting Like a Coal or Oil Company CEO?

We love to vilify others, don’t we? Especially Big Government, Big Business, Big Oil, and so on. But let’s take a quick look at how we actually compared to CEOs of Big Oil and Big Coal, some of the most infamous or widely disliked “Big Boys” in the world (& certainly in environmental circles). Scale

Are You Taking Global Warming Personally?

It… should not be surprising that the U.S. Pentagon states that global warming is a larger threat than even terrorism. “Picture Japan, suffering from flooding along its coastal cities and contamination of its fresh water supply, eyeing Russia’s Sakhalin Island oil and gas reserves as an energy source”, suggests a Pentagon memo on global warming.

Cheerleaders Protest Pet Store Puppy Abuse, Mall Cops Freak [video]

Activists in Portland, Ore. really know how to make a scene in a shopping mall. [social_buttons] Four women dressed as cheerleaders chanted and danced in front of a pet store known to sell sick puppies from puppy mills yesterday before mall security decided they’d had enough. Instead of detaining the cheer leaders, they decided to

In Poor Economy, PETA Buying Stock in Meat-Heavy Restaurants

Taking advantage of the shriveling stock market, PETA has been purchasing more and more shares in meaty companies, including popular chain establishments like Domino’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, and Sonics. The surge in stock purchases comes shortly after PETA’s call for donations not only to them, but to other animal rights organizations also hurting in

How Far Would You Drive for a Cheeseburger?

According to one study released last week, your answer doesn’t matter much: even if you walk to the burger joint, your food will have its own set of wheels—and an exhaust pipe. While it’s now common knowledge that activities like driving conventional cars cause global warming, the environmental impact of what we eat continues to

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