One-Two Punch Does in Colorado Pines, Creates Further Disruption

Here is a story that seems to go out of its way to prove the necessity of scientific research at every level of our ecosystem and how close to breaking our world can get if we are not careful; and even if we are. New research has found that the one-two-punch of drought and attack by the mountain pine beetle are the main cause for the destruction of more than 2.5 million acres of pinyon pine and juniper trees in the American Southwest over the past 15 years.

And this is more than likely only a precursor to greater ecological disruption in the years to come.

Tornado-Chasing Truck Now Chasing Winter Storms

Storm chasers are usually depicted as high-octane meteorologists chasing tornadoes across tornado valley in the United States, but a truck-mounted radar dish that is often used to chase these tornadoes is doing duty in Utah, providing meteorologists from the University of Utah an opportunity to get inside snow and rain storms over the Salt Lake

Snow Holding On in Uinta Mountains

By this time of year, the snow on the Uinta Mountains in Utah have normally given way to grass and wildflowers, but not this year, as is shown in the image below which was taken by the Landsat 5 satellite on July 15.

Montana Floods Kill One, Leave One Missing — More Extreme Weather to Come

Yes, it’s not rainy season anymore, it’s flooding season (unless you live in areas of the country experiencing “exceptional drought” — the highest level of drought — and wild fires). Montana is the latest to get extreme floods and they are now moving on towards neighboring states such as Wyoming and Utah.

Let me reiterate yet again, global warming (aka global weirding) = extreme floods AND extreme drought.

Tim DeChristopher found guilty, faces 10 years

It’s not surprising, since Judge Dee Benson didn’t allow the eco-activist any real defense. But it’s a sad commentary on our country that while the people who trashed our economy by committing one one of the biggest frauds in our nation’s history get off scot-free, Tim DeChristopher has been prosecuted, found guilty, and could go

Teacher & Bus Driver Inspired by DeChristopher Fired

Tim DeChristopher has inspired a ton of people since his big oil and gas drilling monkey wrenching in 2008 (and I imagine before that as well). I’ve seen a couple of really interesting stories on people inspired by him who got fired from their jobs as a result and think they’re worth sharing with you.

Favorite Nature Destinations (7 Green Bloggers)

Continuing on with our 7 Green Bloggers Series, this edition is on some top green bloggers’ favorite nature destinations. The specific question I asked: “What is your favorite nature destination? (Has to be someplace you’ve been. Can be anything from a national park to your backyard to ‘the ocean’.)” Nobody said their backyard, but I did get

Interior Upholds Bush-Era BLM Lease Sale

[social_buttons] July 15 marked the day that would have nullified another Bush-era act in regards to the environment. It would have been a day for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA), the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Wilderness Society to cheer. It would have been a day that released around 15,000 acres of sensitive land

Utah Land Swap: A Win-Win Situation for All

[social_buttons] With some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, Utah is a haven for the seeker of peace and a respite from the industrialization of the modern world. But those lands have long been in the cross hairs of development’s long sight. With the possibility of an oil well beneath the Fisher Towers, a mine

"Tug-O-War" Oil and Gas Lease Sites Must Past Tribal Test

Oil and gas leases have been a hot topic for a long time, especially since the controversial disruption of a BLM land sale by student activist Tim DeChristopher in Salt Lake City this past December. The sale which, according to some, was a midnight move by the Bush administration found itself floundering when an unknown bidder (DeChristopher) won parcel after parcel of land. Since December the leased parcels have been pulled back and forth between the BLM and the Interior, between developers and nature-lovers.

Uranium Tailings Removed From Moab Site

[social_buttons] Desert spreads endlessly beyond the horizon, where crystalline azure meets rusted bronze. This is red rock country. Moab, Utah is known for its breathtaking scenery. Red rock arches, labyrinth-like canyons, the clever Colorado River. This paradise permeates the soul and the soil.  But something else sleeps in the soil: uranium tailings. Uranium was discovered

Nuclear Power Plant's Water Rights Threaten Endangered Species

[social_buttons] In southeast Utah rests a peaceful town located on the banks of a peaceful river. Here the Green River flows between two canyons, Gray and Labyrinth, allowing for farming and ranching in an arid desert. Driving through Green River, Utah doesn’t take but a few moments, including a stop to purchase some mouth-watering melons,

Paving Wilderness: Peril in Utah's Book Cliffs

Utah’s Book Cliffs exist as one of the largest expanses of land in the lower 48 states without a paved highway.  The BLM, however, is considering a project that would change that. Uintah County’s Seep Ridge Road Paving Project proposes paving over an existing road, which would allow greater recreational (and other, including hunting and

Stealing Rock Canyon: Land Rights Dispute Sparks Activism

There are no security guards or high-tech alarm systems to protect this treasure. Instead, it is the rock climbers, hikers, campers and recreationists that are working overtime to protect this gem from being stolen. Rock Canyon in Provo, Utah has long been a haven of solitude for the humble seeker of peace and the nature

Suing to Protect the Environment Could Get Pricey in Utah

Oh, Utah — sometimes you’re so cute, like with the recent news that you watch more porn than any other state. But then other times, you’re straight-up scary. [social_buttons] Pending legislation would require that any group looking to issue a stay against a project to prevent environmental harm must first post a bond to cover

Got Fish? Utah's Got Six Million For You.

I can see the Freecycle post now: OFFER: I have six million carp, good condition. Nothing wrong with them; just have more than I need. You must pick up. The State of Utah might just be posting like this something soon. Apparently, they’re in the market to unload a few carp–approximately six million–that are tearing

Is Utah to Become a Uranium Dumping Ground for the World?

Here’s the scenario. You’re a young boy living in southern Utah, not far from Nevada’s atomic testing grounds. The mushroom clouds that rose in the sky were fascinating to see, as was the greenish tint that hung in the western sky for weeks. As your family drives from your home along the road to Zion

85 Year Old "War" Over Colorado River Water Ends

It’s been going on since 1922, seven western states staking their claims on Colorado River Water. For years, a sometimes divisive battle has raged as Colorado, Utah, California, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada and New Mexico all said they weren’t getting their share of the precious liquid. It came to an end in Las Vegas, when representatives

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