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Cape Coral Verdict Makes Living Off the Grid Illegal in Florida

If you’re in Florida and hope to live a more sustainable “off the grid” lifestyle that’s free from the influence of energy companies and massive agricultural conglomerates by adding solar panels to your home, harvesting rainwater, and planting an organic garden on your property- watch out.

4 Top Green Living Stories

  Some top green living stories from the past couples weeks: Support This Pedal-Powered Food Cart on Kickstarter! A Cincinnati-based urban farm program has developed a cart for transporting fresh veggies to market. In the wake of the urban farm movement, Permaganic Eco Garden is seeking funding to support the development and production of a pedal powered tricycle. In

Occupy Farm in the Sky

Going well with this 1,200-acre rooftop farming program I discussed about a week ago, the Occupy Wall Street rooftop farm introduced below looks like it will be quite the inspiration. Help the organizers out with a donation if you can! By Winnie and Sarah of OWS Sustainability Working Group. Winnie is also the founder and editor of Seismologik.com.

1,200 Acres of Rooftop Farms for New York City

New York City has some of the highest-priced real estate in the world. But building rooftops remain grossly underutilized (barring some notable exceptions). However, the city planning department is proposing that 1,200 acres of commercial rooftops be available for urban farmers to put greenhouses on. That would certainly boost local food and environmental stewardship in

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