University of Wisconsin-Madison

Conversations Between Plants, Bacteria, And Fungi Explored By New Research

Most people may not think about plants or bacteria or fungi as being forms of life that carry on conversations with each other, but, in fact, that’s exactly what they’re doing nearly all of the time. The highly complex interactions of these different organisms via the mechanical forces and chemical signals that they release constitutes

Hydrogen Fuel Production Gets Big Boost From Cheap New Material

While hydrogen fuel production — via the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight — has long been prominent in the public imagination, the reality is that the technology is still quite a ways off from being economical. That gap between the economical and the reality is narrowing though, as new research from

Large-River Fish May Benefit From New Conservation Approach

Fishes that find their home in large-rivers — such as paddlefish, blue catfish, crystal darters, silver chub, etc — are largely headed towards extinction in the US as a result of habitat loss. But now, new research is suggesting that by utilizing a different approach to conservation that there is “hope” for them. The new

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