University of Copenhagen

Are There More Tropical Cyclones Than Before?

How do you measure something when your ruler only goes back 40 years? It’s like trying to measure the height of a tree with your school ruler: you need more ruler! Climate scientist Aslak Grinsted of the Centre for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen wanted to find

Who or What is Responsible for the Megafauna Extinctions

A new and extensive study that is the biggest of its kind, involving over 40 academic institutions around the world, has tackled one simple question: did humans or climate change cause the extinction of the megafauna of the Ice Age. Mammals such as the woolly rhinoceros and woolly mammoth are long since gone, but leave

Polar Bears Being Poisoned

A new doctoral thesis has shown that industrial chemicals are making their way north to the Arctic from the industrialised world via air and sea currents, where they are then absorbed by the sea’s food chains, of which the polar bear is at the top.

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