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Top 50 Solar Energy Stories Of 2013 (So Far): Part 5 (#41–50)

We’re trying to get more solar energy stories going here on Planetsave. To catch readers up, I’m doing a short series on the top 50 solar energy stories of 2013 so far. Learning from the Top 33 EV Stories article I recently published, I’m splitting this one into 5 posts. Otherwise, the page would take forever to load.

Scrub Jays Give Funerals For Their Dead

  When the body of a dead western scrub jay is seen by other jays, they summon others to the area using a specific call, according to new research from the University of California, Davis. The ‘funerals’ that the birds give can last for up to half an hour. There has been previous evidence that

Extinct Fox Not Extinct, Found in California

Fox thought to be extinct found in California. Three weeks ago, U.S. Forest Service biologists thought they found a fox in the mountains of central California that is supposed to be extinct. The biologists looked to experts at the University of California, Davis to confirm this finding. Sure enough, the fox they stumbled across was this

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