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Thailand Suffers Most Costly Flood in History – 10% of Annual Rice Crop Destroyed

The tropical tourist paradise of Thailand is currently suffering through enormously costly floods, resulting from a “weak” La Niña monsoon season. Following September’s extremely heavy rains — five feet of rain for the month — the monsoon season continues virtually unabated into this month, where it also coincided, last weekend, with the highest tides of the month. It is estimated that 10 % of the nation’s rice crop has been destroyed, so far, costing nearly 4 billion USD, and growing. This will have certain impact on global food prices (driving them higher) and on food security for tens of millions of people.

Cyclone Bingiza Moves Across Northern Madagascar

NASA’s Aqua and Terra satellites have captured visible and infrared satellite images of Tropical Cyclone Bingiza as it made landfall over northeastern Madagascar. Tropical Cyclone Bingiza made landfall on Madagascar on February 14, 2011. The U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that, as of about noon Madagascar time on February 14, Bingiza had

Cyclone Yasi Satellite Imagery

Cyclone Yasi has hit and devastated communities in Queensland, and the storm continues to move, believed to be heading south into New South Wales and Victoria. The University of Leicester has provided satellite footage of the storm moving in, as well as satellite photography. For a full idea of what has hit Australia following the

A Dusty Tropical Storm Julia Captured by NASA

NASA has captured images of tropical storm Julia being buffeted by a massive dust cloud being swept west across the North Atlantic. Captured on the 18th of September at 13:50 UTC (9:50 a.m. EDT) the large dust cloud can be easily seen off to Julia’s east (right hand) side. The image was taken by NASA’s

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