Space News: 'Strange Objects' Punch Holes in Saturn Ring, Will A Plan to Mine Asteroids Help Earth's Economy? [VIDEO]

  Half mile-wide objects that NASA and ESA experts are calling “strange” and “mysterious” have punctured holes in Saturn’s “weirdest” ring, known as the F ring…Ok, that’s three words that mean unusual, so you know that something odd is happening… The objects were observed by the Cassini orbiter probe and took some time and careful hunting by

Cosmic News: Lots More Stars than "Billions and Billions"

Counting the number of stars in the known universe would seem to be a monstrous task akin to counting the number of grains of sand on all the world’s beaches. Of course, no one literally “counts” each and every star, or grain of sand. To enumerate such vast quantities, science must rely on its best

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