Smart Wood: Bio-Engineering Trees For Specific Purposes

For the past decade, researchers have been experimenting with switching individual genes on and off to determine what effect they have on growing trees. But they say they can now model the effects of switching all 21 lignin genes on or off in the lab, which will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to “design” trees that are suitable for particular purposes.

Mapping The Global Efforts To Restore The World’s Forests!

It is estimated that since the advent of the agricultural revolution Earth lost approximately half of its trees, and according to a recent survey as reported by Nature (the magazine), earth currently has only about three trillion trees. Image by UNclimatechange (some rights reserved) There are several organizations that are hard at work to plant back

50 Million Trees Planted By 800,000 Volunteers In 24 Hrs

800,000 volunteers planted 50 million trees in 24 hours in India during an attempt to break the world record for most trees planted in day, which was 847,275 set by Pakistan in 2013. Guinness World Record auditors haven’t completed their assessment of the Uttar Pradesh July 2016 project, which resulted in about 50 million trees being planted, but the

Climate Science Weekly Research Roundup

  Ari Jokimäki recently published one of his regular roundups of climate science research news. Since you probably haven’t seen many (or any) of these stories in the mainstream media, I’m reposting the roundup here in full. The post is from AGW Observer (via Skeptical Science). Enjoy! by Ari Jokimäki Wouldn’t it be nice to

Drink Tea, Plant a Tree

Honest Tea, one of my favorite tea companies, recently partnered up with the National Forest Foundation to get a whole lot of trees planted. And you can help decide where.

Flamboyán {10 Friday Photos + 2 extra}

Delonix regia is an awesome tree that look like it’s burning. In Spanish it’s called “Flamboyán” — that seems to really fit it. Flamboyan is a breathtaking tree worth looking at for hours! There’s nothing what will explain the beauty of that tree to you — just look at it!

Capping Landfills with Vegetation

What happens to that mass of garbage and waste when a land-fill is full? New research is hoping to show that turning the whole area into vegetation will be a real benefit for the environment. U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientist Pat Millner and safety manager David Prevar have worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection

Dual Amazon Droughts Alarm Scientists

2005 saw the worst drought in the Amazon rainforest for over a hundred years, and was believed to be just that; a one in a hundred year event. Sadly, only five years later and another drought hit the Amazon rainforest. And scientists now believe that the 2010 drought may have been even more devastating to

Tree Species Greatly at Risk from Global Warming

New research conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem show that many tree species may be unable to shift with the changing climates, and could face extinction if manmade intervention is not made. The research looked at trees which dispersed their seeds via the wind, which include trees like pines and maples, and looked at

Plants Will Move Downhill in Warmer Climate

The widely held assumption that plants will have to migrate higher or become extinct in a warming world has been challenged today by a new study published in the journal Science, by Jonathan Greenberg, an assistant project scientist at the University of California, Davis, Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing. Greenberg looked at data

Environmental, Wildlife, & Green Living News of the Week

Other than what we’ve already covered, of course, here are a number of good environmental, wildlife, and green living stories form around the internet. GreenDeals aims to be a Groupon for green shoppers New website aims to offer US consumers discounts on green products and services… High-speed rail route to get 2m trees for shelter

Southwestern Forests Weakened by Drought and Rising Temperatures

New research into the tree populations of Southwest America have found that these forests will face reduced growth if temperatures continue to rise and rain continues to fall. The researchers looked at tree-ring data and climate models to find that the rising temperatures and falling precipitation have led to a decline in the fitness of

Trees Not the Carbon Sinks We Need

A new study suggests that, despite the fact that trees grow larger or faster with increased levels of carbon dioxide, they are not necessarily going to be able to store an equally growing amount of the carbon dioxide. The report, to be published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, points to

Nature Walks Improve Learning More than City Walks

Environmental psychology researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed what many have long-suspected: spending time in a natural setting is good for the brain (at least for its ability to retain important information). Study subjects learned better after a walk in nature that after a walk in a dense urban setting. Conversely, previous studies, also conducted by Berman et al, have shown that living in a dense urban environment actually impairs cognition and self-control.

Why Are There Fewer Large Trees in Yosemite?

[social_buttons] We’ve all heard the legend of Johnny Appleseed, the legendary apple tree planter of the United States. He walked across the country with his walking stick, and a bucket of seeds, just walking and planting as he went. Everywhere he went, apple trees sprouted up. And he was a hero. It is such a

London to Plant 2 Million Trees by 2025

London’s mayor announced a new 2 million tree plan to help fight climate change and keep Londoners cool. The plan is designed to counteract the “urban heat island effect” in which urban areas absorb and release more heat than surrounding areas, due to having more pavement, traffic and power demand.

Eco-Libris: Tree Planting Can Help Mitigate Global Warming

Editor’s note: Is planting trees a valuable tool for fighting climate change? Or is it a feel-good activity without much effect? Our friends at Eco-Libris point to another study which argues tree-planting can work in sequestering carbon dioxide. This post was originally published on Friday, May 16, 2008. There is an ongoing debate on the

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