Ocean Health Data May Be Flawed – New Analysis Sparks Debate

A recent analysis of catch data calls into question the accuracy of previous surveys of marine ecosystem health. Without accurate data, environmental policy makers may be unable to determine if current reforms to fisheries management are working, and further, if their picture of our oceans’ health is even roughly accurate. The new analysis was conducted

Belize Puts Complete Ban on Bottom Trawling

Bottom trawling is an extremely destructive industrial fishing practice. Belize has now become one of the first countries, and perhaps the most significant country, to ban bottom trawling. Earlier this month the fisheries minister of Belize announced that all forms of trawling will be banned in Belize effective December 31, 2010. Oceana, especially Oceana’s vice

Fishing 17 Times Harder Than 1880s

The UK fishing fleet has to work 17 times harder today than it did in the 1880s to catch the same amount of fish. [social_buttons]Researchers from the University of York and the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) looked back through UK Government data to analyse the change in fish stocks since 1889. What they found was

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