How to be a Greener Driver

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 100 million Americans live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. Much of that can be attributed to the increased emissions from cars and trucks, which are also major contributors to climate change.

If driving a car doesn’t sit well with your green ideals, but is a necessity in your daily life, there are things you can do to make your actions more planet-friendly. From changing your driving habits to choosing a new, more environmentally-friendly vehicle, there are several ways to get from place to place while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Bicycling Facts Infographic (+ Top Green Living Posts)

Just ran across this great infographic on bicycling facts and the future of bicycling on our sister site sustainablog and, of course, wanted to share it on here. It’s the feature green living “story” of the day. The infographic is from our friends over at Well Home Energy Audit. Check it out and enjoy!

Calculating the True Cost of Coal

A recent Harvard Medical School study took a long look at the entire industrial coal process – extraction, transport, processing and combustion — crunched the numbers, and came up with a rather shocking tally:

“We estimate that the life cycle effects of coal and the waste stream generated are costing the U.S. public a third to over one-half of a trillion dollars annually.”

Top Bicycling Tips

Borrowing (or directing you over to) another article by bicycle experts over on BikeRadar, in honor of Bike Month (and one of the greenest forms of transport on the planet (if not the greenest), here’s another great one….

BikeRadar highlighted some top tips from bike enthusiasts in its forum recently, tips on bike choice, riding, and gear. Below are a few of my favorites, but if you want to read all of them (recommended) just click on the link above.

Eco-Adventurer Travels U.S. Using 101 Unique Modes of Transport

We all know that bicycling, walking, and maybe even roller blading or skateboarding are available, green modes of transport, but there are a few more out there. Eco-adventurer Boaz Frankel has traveled 12,000 miles across the U.S. using 101 different modes of transport and has a new series, the Un-Road Trip on Halogen TV, to share his experiences.

Earth Day 2011 Reflections

I think most of us green bloggers get quite frustrated with Earth Day. It can be a struggle for us to stay positive at this time. Why? Because we write about critical environmental issues and solutions to them all year long, and we are confronted with how little others are aware of or interested in such issues when Earth Day comes around. All of a sudden, a large number of people ‘care’ about the environment,… but don’t expect that to stay ’till tomorrow. We get numerous pitches from non-green companies who want us to feature them in our Earth Day posts (as well as pitches from truly green companies, of course). For one day, it is more “fashionable” to be green. But just for one day.

Bamboo Bikes In High Demand

When it comes to sustainable transport, you’ve never seen anything like this before.

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes initiative is gaining momentum and is gearing up to start exporting to other African nations, the EU and the US. They’re also looking forward to providing the bikes to teachers and healthcare workers within Ghana.

Is It Easy Being Green? [Kermit Video Included]

You all know the popular phrase, “It’s not easy being green,” and have seen it applied to living in and environmentally-friendly way at least once or twice. But, is it really so difficult to be green? Let’s just look at three topics, which would cover the huge majority of our environmental footprint — food, transportation,

Are You Acting Like a Coal or Oil Company CEO?

We love to vilify others, don’t we? Especially Big Government, Big Business, Big Oil, and so on. But let’s take a quick look at how we actually compared to CEOs of Big Oil and Big Coal, some of the most infamous or widely disliked “Big Boys” in the world (& certainly in environmental circles). Scale

Green Living Stories of the Last Week (or So)

OK, one more wrap-up this week. And perhaps our last weekly wrap-up, period. As I am thinking I will switch to daily wrap-ups instead. (Let me know if you have any objection.) As the title says, this wrap-up is of good or cool green living stories. Biking Biking is one of the greenest things you

New York May Soon Require Bike-Safety Classes for Drivers

Comparing the risks to the health benefits, bicycling is already better than driving. But one clear way to make it even more so is to make our roads safer for cyclists. New York State is looking to take one big step forward on this. It may soon pass legislation making a bike safety class a

IKEA Gives Bikes to Its 12,400 U.S. Employees

That’s one selfish Christmas present. Well, maybe not so selfish since giving bikes to all of its employees will help the whole world (bicycling is perhaps the greenest mode of transport). But, truthfully, IKEA can expect to save a lot of money from its employees being healthier, missing work less, and working more productively if

10 More Cool Bike Stories [& VIDEOS]

Last Friday, I posted 10 cool bike stories I had collected over the last couple months. I actually had more than those 10 in my queue and I’ve picked up a few more since then, so I’ve decided to post 10 more cool bike stories here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! 1. The Beauty of Bikeshare Andy Clarke,

10 Cool Bike Stories

I subscribe to the RSS news feed for Bike Radar and most of the stories are really just for hard-core cyclists (which I am not), but from time to time there are great stories that I think anyone at all supportive of bicycling would be interested in. I also subscribe to a few other bike sites

Send Big Oil a Message — Join World Carfree Day

Join World Carfree Day Of course, you know I am going to encourage you to join in on this wonderful holiday. To affirm that you will be showing up on September 22, you can make your way over to the World Carfree Day Facebook page (you will need to login to Facebook) and join the over

Green News Stories

Tons of big green news stories in one short article. There are tons of big green news stories out there every day. Although we can’t (and probably shouldn’t) cover all of them here on Planetsave, it drives me crazy not to cover everything I think is big news. Hopefully, a new idea I’ve had to

The Return of the Bicycle

Following up on the bike naked, bike classy, bike-sharing, and other bike articles I’ve written lately, here is a great recent piece by Lester R. Brown on the return of the bike (subheadings added). Enjoy. Lester R. Brown The bicycle has many attractions as a form of personal transportation. It alleviates congestion, lowers air pollution,

Great Bike Video: Seersucker Social

Beautifully produced bike video of classy DC bicyclists below. Cycling in the United States is dominated by hard-core cyclists wearing bright, tight, cycling clothes. It is also quite big with ‘hipsters’ or others in the alternative lifestyle crowd. But, unlike in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark, very few normal, mainstream people bicycle for

Where Oil Comes from and How We Use It

Do you know which countries use the most oil and which produce the most? Do you know how much of US oil is produced from offshore oil drilling? Do you know what we use oil for the most in the US? If you want to know where most oil comes from and where most of

Learn How to Prevent Global Warming On Your Way To Work

By now you are aware that there are many ways to prevent global warming, but I would like to focus on things that you can do to help stop global warming on your way to work. First, it is useful to know exactly how Americans are commuting to work to realize just how much improvement

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