A Special Solar Drone For Social Media

Drones are no longer known as mere weapons of war. At least, that’s how Google, Facebook, and other online giants like Amazon appear to be thinking. Google has just acquired Titan Aerospace, a promising solar-powered drone maker, as part of its plans to globalize wireless internet. Titan’s website provides news that the company is working

Building Roads Creates More Traffic

  Well, the part of a recent study summarized in my title above is sort of well-known among city planners (a discipline I have a master’s degree in), but I often wonder how many normal folks know that building roads only limits congestion for a very short time, and that empty or underutilized roads stimulate

Live Baby Tiger in Suitcase Rescued from Wildlife Traffickers

Security officials opened a suspicious suitcase in a Bangkok, Thailand airport recently and found a young tiger, 2 and 1/2 months old, sleeping, drugged a bit, and stuffed in the suitcase near a stuffed animal tiger. The message to the Thai woman who was boldly breaking the law and offending animal lovers everywhere: “Please, don’t smuggle

Submit Your Photo of Public Transit

The American Public Transportation Association is asking for great transit photos showing transportation that is green and friendly and will change our future. As shown year after year, public transit is a key factor keeping our planet from warming much further than it already is! It is also one of our best bets for slowing

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