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Abused Subtropical Rainforest Thrives Again

The threatened Gondwana Rainforests of Australia (source:‬). Sadly, we hear too much about the logging, clearing, and obliteration of earth’s rainforests, and about the global repercussions, including climate change. Here’s a story about rainforest rejuvenation, albeit on a small scale. From Germaine Greer, the Australian author of White Beech: The Rainforest Years: “This is

The Red List Of Threatened Species, Annual Report Released (VIDEO)

  The rapid decline of the world’s animal, plant, and fungi species is threatening the livelihood of many millions of people. Food, clean water, medicine, and climate, are heavily dependent on the myriad numbers of species in the world, many of which are rapidly approaching extinction from primarily human activities. The IUCN Red List of

130-Year-Old Tortoise Gets Tortoise Lover {VIDEO}

Tortoises can live to a ripe old age, and, apparently, they can mate to a ripe old age as well. A couple of super old tortoises at the Knoxville Zoo, Al (130 years old) and Tex (90 tears old), have been living without ladies for decades. They are male Aldabra tortoises, tortoises which are classified as threatened. Now, however, a few female tortoises from an Atlanta zoo have come to visit and Al and Tex have given them a warm welcome.

Last Nesting Male Iberian Eagle in Portugal Shot Dead

[social_buttons] Portuguese environmentalists have condemned the killing of the country’s last remaining nesting male Iberian Imperial Eagle. The bird, also known as the Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti), is one of the three rarest birds of prey on the planet, with only around 400 surviving, and is classified as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ in the IUCN

Groups Ask eBay to Ban Auctions of Guided Trophy Hunts

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Big Wildlife, and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance have asked eBay to stop the sale of guided trophy hunts for top predators like bears, wolves, cougars, and wolverines. [social_buttons] While most guided hunts currently listed on eBay are for animals like deer, elk, and geese, some auctions for predators are available, including

The Top 10 Species in the US Most in Need of Protection

A team of eight scientists and conservationists with the Endangered Species Coalition have determined the top 10 species in the United States that deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act. [social_buttons] The animals and plants that were considered for the list, titled “Without a Net,” were nominated by various organizations across the country. The coalition

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