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News Roundup & Action Opportunities!

Some more green news of the week: 1. The Weekly Standard Does Horrible Job Covering “Climategate 2”. The full post The Weekly Standard apart over on Media Matters is worth a read, but here are the key points from the piece (note: Hayward is the author): Hayward Cites Email About Page Limits To Claim That

13 Reasons for You to Take Climate Action

  OK, it’s a little more than 13,.. and this list could go on & on… & on. But I hope the 13 photos below drive home the point. We need climate action. We need it on the individual level, and we need it on the government level. And, in order to get it on

Take Action: Protect Clean Air Today!

  This Tea-Party-led Congress (well, all of the Republican party) has attacked our water, air, and climate protections more than any in history. It is out of this world how little care they have for the necessities of life. One of the most recent attacks, from one of the leading culprits, Senator Rand Paul, continues

Last Chance to Stop EPA From Loosening Mining Regulations

Claiming that it secured necessary protections, the Environmental Protection Agency has signed off on President Bush’s proposal to weaken mining regulations. The previous regulation, enacted in 1983, banned waste dumping within 100 feet of a stream or river whose water quality could be adversely affected.

Don't let ABC get away with it!

The We Campaign, a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection — a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Al Gore, recently put together a 30-second TV ad called “Repower America.”  It talks about the benefits of alternative energy. It says right upfront that we are “stuck with dirty and expensive energy” and asks how can

(D)emocracy: Your Chance to Chime-in on Carbon Offset Projects

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission conducted hearings and convened a workshop for scientists, economists, environmental activists and representatives of the leading American retailers of ‘carbon offsets’ and ‘renewable energy credits’ (RECs) to learn more about the rather opaque business models and practices of some companies. Though the hearings were only exploratory in nature, the

(D)emocracy: Tell the Feds What You Think About Cape Wind

(Author’s Note: As I write this, the current weather conditions in Nantucket Sound [Wed Feb 13 16:41 EDST] are ideal for wind power generation. With wind speeds of 38 knots and gusts of up to 45 knots at the location of the proposed offshore wind energy installation, Cape Wind would have produced 422 megawatts of

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