New Scores/Apps For Car-Free U.S. City Transit

The website that brought renters, homebuyers, and realtors a powerful index of walkability has done it again, this time for public transit (source: At the end of January, Matt Lerner, CTO of Walk Score, announced a new ranking of the average resident’s access to public transit in a city. It’s based on data released

Squat To Trot

Commuters can now get both daily exercise and a free subway ticket by doing a 30-squat fitness session in the Moscow subways. No, really. It’s a promotion for the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (photo/inset compiled from Mashable). How about New York? Times Square, 8 a.m.?

Subway Gives to Activist Pressure, Will Pay More for Tomatoes

Subway follows Taco Bell, Burger King, and McDonald’s by pledging to pay one cent more per tomato in order to give workers a living wage. However, the fight now turns to the growers themselves, who have objected to the campaign and refuse to pass the money on to the workers. [social_buttons] ”We’re hopeful that the

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