spirit bears

‘Idle No More’; Indigenous Peoples Movement Spreads Across N. America, World, With Urgent Environmental & Human Rights Message

It is being called the largest indigenous mass mobilization in recent history. You may not have heard yet of the ‘Idle No More’ movement, but you will; it’s momentum has been steadily growing in recent weeks, and, is being fed by a myriad of kindred human rights movements, environmental organizations, and eco-justice/direct action groups all

Help Save the Great Bear Rainforest & Spirit Bears

I’ve written about the magical spirit bears on Planetsave before. They are, unfortunately, threatened with extinction from overly rapacious oil companies. A petition over on Change.org directed at key government leaders is aimed at protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and spirit bears. Here’s the intro: Enbridge, Inc. has plans to build an oil pipeline through

Spirit Bears, and How You Can Help Protect Them [VIDEOS]

“Spirit bears” (aka Kermode bears) are a very unique subspecies of North American black bears. About 1/10th of the Kermode bear subspecies are born white (hence the name), due to some sort of genetic variation scientists are yet to pinpoint. The most common belief is that bears are born with white hair for the same

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