species loss

The First Victims Of Climate Change

  People are accustomed to equalize terms of “global warming” and “climate change,” but in fact they are pretty much distinctive. Global warming is one of the reflections of climate change, which might be compared to glaciers’ meltdown, natural disasters, and overwhelming precipitations. Certainly, they follow the global process of climate change, which results in major influence

How Biodiversity Loss is Like LeBron James & The Miami Heat

I saw this posted on Climate Central a few days ago and passed on reposting it. But, with Miami’s big win in Boston and the 7th game in the series happening tonight (go, Miami!), I finally thought I’d repost this one. It’s a great analogy and drives home a very important point. Check it out

Lynx to be Introduced into Poland from Estonia

The Eurasian lynx is one of Europe’s largest predators. And, of course, it is endangered. Actually, I teach English here in Poland and this is the first animal that comes to mind for many of my students when we start talking about endangered species — this or the European bison, which is the symbol of

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