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Florida — When Will Its Real Estate Market Go Underwater?

How much longer does southern Florida have until real-estate values in the region collapse on the back of flagging demand? At some point the reality that the region is not long for this world will have to sink in, and when it does, demand for homes in the region will crater to a degree that

The Calamity Of The Century, & Then Again, In St. Petersburg, Florida — Tropical Storm & Sewage Crisis

Unchecked development causes many urban crises with water problems. Troubles such as too much impervious infrastructure are overwhelmed when strong storms arrive. A recently reported crisis in St. Petersburg, Florida — “The Calamity of the Century” — examines one of the many water problems of this complex environmental conundrum in South Florida. The plight of the Gulf Coast

5 Renewable Energy Meetups In Florida

Solar energy, hydrothermal energy, wind energy… the list of potential alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels in order in order to provide ourselves with the power we need to maintain our ultra-complicated high tech society is a long one, and anyone who hopes to do their part in making any one of them a

Toxic Dolphins Found in Miami

Scientists found unusually high levels of flame retardant in dolphin blubber. The closer the dolphins lived to downtown Miami, the more of the chemical was concentrated in them. The flame retardant can cause sterility in dolphins. Brominated flame retardants are applied to furniture, clothes and electronics to prevent them from burning. They also help slow

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