solar storms

X-Class Solar Flare Released A CME Headed Towards Earth (VIDEO)

The strongest solar flare of the summer, an X1.4-class flare, just erupted on July 12th. It was the second X-class solar flare in just one week. It peaked at 12:52 p.m. EDT (1652 GMT) on the 12th. The massive X-class flare included a powerful coronal mass ejection. The CME, a mass of charged solar plasma

'Monster' Sunspot Appears, Powerful Solar Storms Expected

   [UPDATED May 11, 2012 – M-Class solar flares; see below] NASA scientists are calling it a “monster sunspot” and its size is calculated to be 60,000 miles (100,000 km) from end to end. The huge sunspot comprises most of Active Region (AR) 1476, which rotated into view this weekend. Images of the region were picked

The Truth about 2012, from NASA

  There’s a bit of hysteria about the whole end-of-the world in December 2012 thing. I’ve got some comments on it–researched it a bit several years ago–but will leave that for another day. For today, here’s a response from NASA on the concern that there will be earth-destroying solar flares or solar storms (to put

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