Military: Climate Strategy Vital, Not Political Chicken Game

A panel of extraordinary military leaders—16 men and women generals and admirals, including prior commanders, commandants, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—came to a pretty devastating conclusion recently about climate strategy. The Military Advisory Board of the Center for Naval Analyses, a 70-year-old federally funded think tank, says that current actions by the

Hybrid Tug Boat Cuts Emissions

Every now and then we get to cover a story that is just simply awesome. For me, as a kid, whenever I wasn’t watching Thomas the Tank Engine, I would desperately be trying to watch TUGS. I like the idea of tug boats. They’re small but powerful. And now, a new study by the University

Shipping Through Warming Arctic Will Hasten Global Warming

The ice that has bound the Arctic together is diminishing each passing summer, and open water is becoming available for the first time in recorded history. Shipping companies are already planning and executing passes through the ice to minimize their costs, but at what cost to the environment? A new study from US and Canadian

Green Business Blog Carnival #14

The Green Business Blog Carnival comes to Planetsave! Following up on Green Business Blog Carnival post #13, an excellent summary of green business news on Sustainablog (one of the Carnival’s co-founding sites), here’s the next edition of the Carnival for your surfing, reading, or eating pleasure (ok, nothing to eat here, sorry). The big business

Oceans are Hurting: Thanks, Humans

Most of Earth might be covered with water, but the large population of bipedal animals that crowd the planet’s land masses is doing its best to leave its imprint on the oceans as well. A new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) finds that humans have had a heavy impact on more

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