Northern Hemisphere Is Becoming Warmer Than Southern Hemisphere

You may not have consciously thought about it, but I imagine that to some of you out there who have an environmentally conscientious brain, the fact that the Northern Hemisphere has more landmass and the Southern Hemisphere has more ocean would have triggered some interesting questions. For example, if there is such regional variation in

The International Conservation Photography Awards – Ten Friday Photos

This Saturday, the International Conservation Photography Awards and Exhibition ceremony will once again kick-off at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, Washington. The biennial, juried competition, founded in 1997 by acclaimed local nature photographer, Art Wolfe, will feature nearly 80 of the most captivating photographic

Seattle to Create Nation's First Public Food Forest

In the heart of Seattle, a public park is planned like no other: an urban food forest that is free for the plucking! Due to its mild temperatures and routinely wet climate, Seattle is one of the very few cities in the US with a year-round growing season. Taking advantage of this vegetation-friendly environment, and

NASA Asks Where Has All The Snow Gone?

On their science blog NASA has asked ‘What Happened To All The Snow?’ and it’s a good question, considering that the U.S. is currently experiencing a surprising lack of snow that, come spring time, may have serious consequences for communities reliant upon the snow runoff. “The Mammoth Mountain ski resort in the Sierras of California

Cowboys Stadium 5th Greenest Stadium in U.S. (Top Ten List)

Ranking U.S. stadiums according to “the depth and breadth” of their green initiatives, national home solar company SunRun recently came up with a top 10 list of the greenest stadiums. Cowboys Stadium, where the Super Bowl is about to be played, came in at number 5. From the planning stages, when the Dallas Cowboys intended

Ocean Health Data May Be Flawed – New Analysis Sparks Debate

A recent analysis of catch data calls into question the accuracy of previous surveys of marine ecosystem health. Without accurate data, environmental policy makers may be unable to determine if current reforms to fisheries management are working, and further, if their picture of our oceans’ health is even roughly accurate. The new analysis was conducted

The Environmental Effects of Tidal Turbines

Researchers from the University of Washington are investigating the feasibility of tidal turbines for generating electricity. With a significant dearth of information available for tidal turbine technology, this series of projects will shed light on the overall potential of the product. “There really isn’t that much information, anywhere, about the environmental effects of tidal turbines,”

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